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mini-REVIEW: Bela Fleck & Oregon Symphony Orchestra (Portland, OR – – 2/23/08)

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Mini-review… we had to leave at the intermission due to a rapid onset illness… alas, still a good music intake (roughly an hour)…

Our seats were in a good spot, and cheap, too… student rates rock! we shuffled in right as it was starting… the Oregon Symphony Orchestra (based in Portland) was led by Gregory Vajda. They played two pieces prior to Béla Fleck and the Flecktones coming on stage… “The Cowboys Overture” (by John Williams) and “An American Treasure” (by Hoagy Carmichael).

Béla Fleck and the Flecktones came on and played two (long) songs by themselves, then they played about 2 or 3 songs with the OSO. It was a fantastic hourlong 1st set. Béla’s got a very non-hillbilly banjo style. :) Sorta classical meets jazz meets rock. The Flecktones are fantastic, too. Victor Wooten is one of the most melodic bassists around… great style. I think he was playing a fretless electric. Jeff Coffin is a great reedman. He played saxophone and did the two-at-a-time trick, too. Fun stuff. And Future Man… well, his drum contraption is crazy (live drums hooked up to a guitar-looking instrument used to triggers them — picture below).

Anyway, great 1st set. We weren’t able to stick around, but it was some good music, what we caught of it…

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