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REVIEW: Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard @ the Schnitzer (Portland, OR – 7/14/11)

15th Jul 11 (Fri) 5 comments


Last night in Portland showed two stripped down musicians, parting ways from their “main gig” and creating some delightful energy despite the solo nature of it all.  First up was Glen Hansard of The Swell Season (see the Once movie) and The Frames (who essentially became the backing band for the Swell Season)…

(not from GH’s July 2011 Portland gig – this shot from Nov 2009)

Glen played a 45 or so minute set.  Among stories of getting drunk and staying out until 5am viewing women only wearing feathers, he played some tunes that featured his powerful voice.

Glen’s Setlist: 45 minutes

  • Pennies in the Fountain
  • Leave
  • Lucia
  • You Will Become
  • Love Don’t Keep Me Waiting (with “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” tag)
  • In These Arms
  • Astral Weeks [Van Morrison] (with “Death Metal” solo)
  • Song of Good Hope

After a short set change, Pearl Jam front-man Eddie Vedder came out.  He was dressed as expected… Seattle casual – complete with flannel.  Shocking, I know…

The stage was set up with a sparse bungalow living room feel.  Some chairs, a reel to reel, antique lamps, guitars and shelving strewn about.  While this was billed as the Ukulele Songs tour, Eddie started out on acoustic.  He played a wandering and energy filled set: some stripped down Pearl Jam tunes, some Into the Wild tunes, some ukulele numbers, some covers.  While his casual flannel may make him seem like stuck in the 90s slacker movement, Eddie is anything but a slacker.  He delivered 2 hours of music…

Eddie’s Set: 2 hours

  • Walking The Cow [Daniel Johnston]
  • Can’t Keep
  • Sleeping By Myself
  • Without You
  • Goodbye
  • Blue, Red And Grey [The Who]
  • I Am Mine
  • Thumbing My Way
  • Just Breathe
  • Far Behind
  • Long Nights (with Glen Hansard)
  • Setting Forth
  • Guaranteed
  • Rise (dedicated to Gerry Lopez)
  • Immortality
  • Unthought Known
  • The End
  • Arc
  • Encore 1: If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out [Cat Stevens]
  • You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away [The Beatles]
  • Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
  • The Golden State (with Corin Tucker) [John Doe]
  • Tonight You Belong To Me (with Janet Weiss) [Billy Rose & Lee David]
  • Sleepless Nights (with Glen, off mic, a cappella, gorgeous) [Gram Parsons]
  • Society (with Glen) [Jerry Hannan]
  • Falling Slowly (with Glen on lead vocals) [The Swell Season]
  • Porch
  • Encore 2: Hard Sun (with Glen, Corin & Janet) [Gordon Peterson]
  • Dream A Little Dream [The Mamas & the Papas]

Eddie has such passion for what he does.  He doesn’t do things half-assed.  While I’d say he isn’t in my short list for “best singers,” he is on the short list for “most passionate singers.”  He’s a gritty and emotive rockstar, definitely – all while being down to earth.  I also find his voice to be distinct, despite the copycats of the 90s.

Eddie shared a funny story about a party with Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell trying to help Eddie create the perfect “evil ukulele” sound.  Too much wine brought on Chris hurling over the balcony… “the ukulele won.”

The session of duets Corin Tucker (from Sleater-Kinney/CT Band) and Janet Weiss (from Sleater-Kinney/Quasi/etc) was fantastic.  The absolute highlight for me was when Glen came back on for the encore and played three songs with Eddie… the first being a stunning off-mic, a cappella version of “Sleepless Nights” and the third being “Falling Slowly” (from Glen’s band The Swell Season).

This tour ends tonight in Seattle…

One question of note: why were the roadies dressed in white lab coats?

more EV photos below

The Appropriate Linkage:

The tour dates below… all done tonight in Seattle.

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all pictures (cc) 2011 Daniel Temmesfeld,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

(click for larger)

Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard – Summer 2011 Tour Dates

June 15: Providence, R.I. (Providence Performing Arts Center)
June 16: Boston, Mass. (The Wang Theatre)
June 18: Hartford, Conn. (The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts)
June 21: New York, N.Y. (Beacon Theatre)
June 22: New York, N.Y. (Beacon Theatre)
June 25: Philadelphia, Pa. (Tower Theatre)
June 26: Detroit, Mich. (Fox Theatre)
June 28: Chicago, Ill. (The Chicago Theatre)
July 1: St. Louis, Mo. (Fox Theatre)
July 2: Minneapolis, Minn. (Orpheum Theatre )
July 5: San Diego, Calif. (Copley Symphony Hall)
July 6: Long Beach, Calif. (Terrace Theater)
July 8: Los Angeles (The Wiltern)
July 9: Santa Barbara, Calif. (Santa Barbara Bowl)
July 11: Oakland, Calif. (The Paramount Theatre)
July 14: Portland, Ore. (Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall)
July 15: Seattle, Wash. (Benaroya Hall)


REVIEW: Imogen Heap @ the Schnitzer (Portland, OR – 6/16/10)

17th Jun 10 (Thu) 2 comments


As many others, I got into Imogen Heap via her band Frou Frou‘s inclusion on the Garden State soundtrack.  Their song “Let Go” was featured heavily in the Garden State trailer and movie.  Thanks to Zach Braff, a love of all things Imogen Heap started to develop.  A solid electronic-pop singer-songwriter in her own right before and after the Frou Frou debut Details, she took a longer break before her 2009 re-emergence, Ellipse.  She needed some time away, and many times the much needed time away brings forth some great work.  Ellipse is a solid album in both song catchiness and experimentation.

Her interest in experimentation spanned to her openers for this 6th leg of the North American tour… Geese is a stringed duo, backed by Imogen’s drummer.  They started out slow and moving with high use of looping of their violins.  Their 20 minute set only featured 3 songs, but it was quite captivating.  It went from the aforementioned moving piece to a more spastic, experimental uproarious piece to a final piece that I’d describe as “noodley junkyard chic” with occasional drumming bombast.  Being a fan of more experimental instrumental music, I was quite fond of their set.  They also played with Imogen on a few of her songs that required strings (definitely “Little Bird” and a few others).

Ben Christophers came on shortly after Geese… he also played a fairly short set (and joined her on stage as part of her Ellipse band).  Ben is a British singer-songwriter who focused mainly on the electric guitar with a voice in the higher registers.  I found him similar to Sean Lennon mixed with the late falsetto/whispy singer Jeff Hanson.  Ben played five songs for about 25 minutes… quite delightful, with a nice reference to Pink Floyd’s “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.”

Imogen and her band started shortly after 9pm.  First off, Imogen has an adorable stage presence.  She is very unassuming, and even came out to introduce both openers.  She told many stories in between songs, and carried on a nice dialogue with the audience.  She really made a concert in a large concert hall seem like an intimate show in a smaller venue.  The intimate setting was quite beautiful at times with the simple but sleek stage design.  The center piece was a tree which worked in nicely with the light show, even appearing to be on fire or dancing in the wind at times (sorry, no photos of that, as press cameras were not allowed past the 3rd song).

Second, Imogen knows how to mix it up… she played rockier songs, mellower songs, songs from across her catalogue.  Some favorite moments were “Let Go,” the dancing trees in “A-ha!,” the rocking out of “Goodbye and Go,” the loops and general excellence of “First Train Home,” and the gentleness of “Little Bird.”  Oh, and the ’80s sunglasses and keytar used in “Tidal” was quite the throwback… it nicely showed off her silly, fun side.

Setlist: about 2 hours

  • The Walk
  • Swoon
  • Come Here Boy
  • Wait It Out
  • First Train Home
  • Little Bird
  • Canvas
  • Breathe In
  • Charity Improv
  • A-Ha!
  • Speeding Cars
  • Let Go
  • Just For Now
  • Goodnight and Go
  • Headlock
  • Tidal
  • The Moment I Said It
  • Hide and Seek

Half way through the set, she did the charity improvisation that is an important part of her tour this time around.  Each city’s fans help her pick an important charity.  The audience gets to recommend the key and melody starting point.  Imogen records the song and it becomes available later for purchase.  The charity improv song for Portland was for Eco Trust, whose mission is to “inspire fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equity and environmental well-being.”

To get the Portland improv song to help out the charity, go to  To donate to the charity directly, click the banner below…

Imogen wrapped up her final two songs solo, bringing to a close a wonderful night of both danceable and gorgeous music.  The only disappointment: there was no “Earth” with Portland-based chorus this time.  All in all, a great show!  Thank you, Immie!

Check out her latest album, Ellipse, or her forthcoming documentary DVD, Everything In Between:

many more photos below

The Appropriate Linkage:

Check out more tour dates below.

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all pictures (cc) 2010 Daniel Temmesfeld,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

(click for larger)

North American Tour Dates (2010 World Tour – 6th Leg)

  • May 22nd Detroit, MI Fillmore Theatre
  • May 23rd Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre
  • May 25th New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom
  • May 26th Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre
  • May 27th Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre
  • May 29th Washington DC Warner Theatre
  • May 30th Norfolk, VA Norva
  • June 1st Orlando, FL House Of Blues
  • June 2nd Miami, FL Fillmore Theatre
  • June 4th Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
  • June 5th Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
  • June 7th New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
  • June 8th Houston, TX Verizon Wireless
  • June 9th Dallas, TX Nokia Grand Theatre
  • June 11th Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
  • June 12th Salt Lake City, UT Rail Event Center
  • June 14th Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre
  • June 15th Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom
  • June 16th Portland, OR Schnitzer Hall
  • June 18th Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery
  • June 19th Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre
  • June 20th San Diego, CA Humphrey’s
  • June 21st Santa Barbara, CA Granada Theatre


REVIEW: Tori Amos @ Arlene Schnitzer Hall (Portland, OR – 7/11/09)

12th Jul 09 (Sun) 9 comments

Tori Amos has been a big part of my musical fanaticism for a long time.  I first heard of her my freshman year of college, got Little Earthquakes & Under the Pink from BMG, got Boys for Pele right when it came out, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  There was a period of time where, if I could, I’d drive all over the Midwest to go see her.  This show was going on the 6 year mark since I’d seen her, and let’s just say that I was itching for some classic Tori live… but first up, the opener:

One Eskimo hit the stage right about 8pm, and played 4-5 songs (about a half hour’s worth of material).  I liked their sound… sort of a singer-songwriter blown up into a pop group (sort of if Maroon 5 had more interesting musicians).  Their drummer had a nice style, sitting on a box-type drum and using that as the kick drum.  Their guitarist and bassist/trumpet player were also fun to watch.  They played “Kandi,” “UFO,” and “Astronauts” for sure, as those songs are on the EP that I picked up for only $5.  They’re working on wrapping up their full-length debut now…

I was too far away to take any good concert photos;
so the marquee is all you get this time.

Tori hit the stage with her band (Matt Chamberlain on drums & John Evans on bass) at around 8:50pm and played for a solid two hours without much stopping. I forget how much I love her live shows.  Great lights, great mix of tunes from her whole career, fun stage presence, pretty energetic crowd… she played a lot more older songs than I would have thought, and only four songs from her latest record.


  • Give (a fave of the night)
  • Caught a Lite Sneeze (a fave of the night)
  • Welcome to England John’s bass intro was very Tool-y… as if Justin Chancellor was in a pop band
  • Graveyard
  • Cornflake Girl (a fave of the night)
  • Icicle (a fave of the night)
  • Little Amsterdam
  • Siren
  • Starling
  • Black Dove (January)
  • 1,000 Oceans
  • Joni Mitchell’s River (solo – Lizard Lounge)
  • Winter (solo – Lizard Lounge)
  • Playboy Mommy
  • Little Earthquakes (a fave of the night)
  • Fast Horse (a fave of the night)
  • Take to the Sky (a mega fave of the night)
  • Carbon
  • Honey
  • Precious Things (a fave of the night)
  • Strong Black Vine – crowd floods front part of theatre, much to the “oh crap, what do I do?” of the security guys
  • Encore: Big Wheel (a fave of the night)
  • Tombigbee

Fantastic show… prior to this show, I was kind of in a “cooling” phase with Tori.  I hadn’t seen her since the Scarlet’s Walk tour (2003), and I’d only been slightly fond of The Beekeeper and American Doll Posse albums.  Forcing myself recently to dig into her newest one, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, and then seeing it live was great.  It was a much warranted end to the break from being a big time Tori fan.  Sure, Abnormally isn’t going back to the Little Earthquake through Boys of Pele days, but it’s still good music and she still puts on a great show, full of songs from her vast catalogue.

The Appropriate Linkage:

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The rest of the Abnormally Attracted to Sin tour dates (as of now)

  • Mon 07/13/09 Oakland, CA – Paramount Theatre
  • Tue 07/14/09 Oakland, CA – Paramount Theatre
  • Thu 07/16/09 San Diego, CA – Humphrey’s Concerts By The Bay
  • Fri 07/17/09 Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre
  • Sat 07/18/09 Phoenix, AZ – Dodge Theatre
  • Mon 07/20/09 Salt Lake City, UT – Abravanel Hall
  • Tue 07/21/09 Denver, CO – Paramount Theatre
  • Thu 07/23/09 Kansas City, MO – Starlight Theatre
  • Fri 07/24/09 Grand Prairie, TX – Nokia Theatre At Grand Prairie
  • Sat 07/25/09 Austin, TX – The Long Center For The Performing Arts
  • Mon 07/27/09 Atlanta, GA – Chastain Park Amphitheatre
  • Tue 07/28/09 Orlando, FL – Bob Carr Perf. Arts Centre
  • Wed 07/29/09 Miami Beach, FL – Fillmore Miami Beach At Jackie Gleason Theater
  • Fri 07/31/09 Durham, NC – Durham Performing Arts Center
  • Sat 08/01/09 Washington, DC DAR – Constitution Hall
  • Mon 08/03/09 Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre
  • Tue 08/04/09 Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theatre
  • Wed 08/05/09 Minneapolis, MN – The State Theatre
  • Fri 08/07/09 Indianapolis, IN – Murat Theatre
  • Sat 08/08/09 Detroit, MI – Detroit Opera House
  • Mon 08/10/09 Toronto, ON – Massey Hall
  • Tue 08/11/09 Montreal, QC – St. Denis Theatre
  • Thu 08/13/09 New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall
  • Fri 08/14/09 Red Bank, NJ – Count Basie Theatre
  • Sat 08/15/09 Upper Darby, PA – Tower Theatre
  • Mon 08/17/09 Boston, MA – Bank Of America Pavilion
  • Sun 09/06/09 Manchester, United Kingdom – Apollo Manchester
  • Mon 09/07/09 Birmingham, United Kingdom – Symphony Hall
  • Tue 09/08/09 Glasgow, United Kingdom – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
  • Thu 09/10/09 London, United Kingdom – Apollo Hammersmith
  • Fri 09/11/09 London, United Kingdom – Apollo Hammersmith
  • Sun 09/13/09 Basel, Switzerland – Festsaal Messe Basel
  • Mon 09/14/09 Munich, Germany – Circus Krone Bau
  • Tue 09/15/09 Zurich, Switzerland – Kongresshaus Zurich
  • Thu 09/17/09 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Heineken Music Hall
  • Sun 09/20/09 Copenhagen, Denmark – Royal Theatre
  • Mon 09/21/09 Oslo, Norway – Sentrum Scene
  • Thu 09/24/09 Prague, Czech Republic – Prague Congress Centre
  • Fri 09/25/09 Vienna, Austria – Wiener Stadthalle
  • Sun 09/27/09 Hamburg, Germany – Laeiszhalle

mini-REVIEW: Bela Fleck & Oregon Symphony Orchestra (Portland, OR – – 2/23/08)

24th Feb 08 (Sun) Leave a comment

Mini-review… we had to leave at the intermission due to a rapid onset illness… alas, still a good music intake (roughly an hour)…

Our seats were in a good spot, and cheap, too… student rates rock! we shuffled in right as it was starting… the Oregon Symphony Orchestra (based in Portland) was led by Gregory Vajda. They played two pieces prior to Béla Fleck and the Flecktones coming on stage… “The Cowboys Overture” (by John Williams) and “An American Treasure” (by Hoagy Carmichael).

Béla Fleck and the Flecktones came on and played two (long) songs by themselves, then they played about 2 or 3 songs with the OSO. It was a fantastic hourlong 1st set. Béla’s got a very non-hillbilly banjo style. :) Sorta classical meets jazz meets rock. The Flecktones are fantastic, too. Victor Wooten is one of the most melodic bassists around… great style. I think he was playing a fretless electric. Jeff Coffin is a great reedman. He played saxophone and did the two-at-a-time trick, too. Fun stuff. And Future Man… well, his drum contraption is crazy (live drums hooked up to a guitar-looking instrument used to triggers them — picture below).

Anyway, great 1st set. We weren’t able to stick around, but it was some good music, what we caught of it…

The Appropriate Linkage: (likely unofficial)


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