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REVIEW: Glen Phillips & J.Kingham @ W.O.W. Hall (Eugene, OR – – 2/21/08)

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All-in-all, it was a very enjoyable evening. The opener was great, and Glen played a great, long set as well. I’ll be brief in my review because I’ve got too much homework… so here goes…

Jonathan Kingham’s set:

She’s So California
I’ll Be the One (nice R&B tune)
All That’s Missing Is You
Every Little Step [Bobby Brown] (fantastic, long free-style rap)
Grace (with Glen on backing vocals)


Glen Phillips’ set:

Return to Me *new on EP* (he’s trying to corner the market on privatized space travel EPs)
Back On My Feet
I Could End This Now (?)
Walk On the Ocean
Drive By
I Still See You As You Are *new band -tbd-*
Rise Up *new band -tbd-* (on Concert to End Slavery compilation)

(The rest of the songs also had JK on guitar & backing vocals)

Cows are everywhere, cows are in my hair, cows squishing people, squishing people
Duck and Cover
I Want a New Drug [Huey Lewis]
Solar Flare *new on EP* (the world’s 1st childrens’ song about radiation sickness)
Train Wreck (I had no idea this was about a friend on meth… yikes)
Last Sunset
Dam Would Break
All I Want
Everything But You

Click on the picture to get Glen’s new CD, Secrets of the New Explorers:

It was a GREAT show all around. If only more people showed up… hrmph… well, there’s always next time he swings through Eugene. Otherwise, we’ll make the trek up to PDX to see him… as we need our occassional Glen fix.

~Dan – np: EstradasphereThe Pegasus Vault -EP-

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