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Get out and not vote…

30th Oct 08 (Thu) 2 comments

The Strike Strikes Back.

9th Jan 08 (Wed) Leave a comment

So, I wholly think that this Writer’s Guild strike is a just one. They (the writers) have been getting screwed by the big wigs for royalties for their written material on internet and other distribution, while these big wigs are getting advertising money from said internet and other distribution.

Anyway, Speechless Hollywood has some clever videos put together. Here are my favorites:


Tons of People


Tim Robbins

Woody Allen

Jason & Justine Bateman

Zach Braff
Speechless Hollywood

Clever… yet I’d rather the various production companies, the AMPTP and the WGA settle this damn strike.

~Dan – np: do make say thinkyou, you’re a history in rust

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