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The Bad Veins’ Daytrotter Session

13th Aug 08 (Wed) 2 comments

In pre-Bad Veins news… Seth Green (aka Oz aka Scott aka Chris Griffin aka Robot Chicken) is going to be in the upcoming Heroes season as a comic book geek (or so says Paste’s blog).


OK, now on to the lovely Daytrotter Sessions news… The Bad Veins, a fantastic lofi-meets-songwriter, indie rock duo from Cincinnati, is the latest installment from the Daytrotter in-studio sessions. Four songs, live in-studio… FOR FREE.

Go here for the free music:

1) Fake Baby 2) You Kill 3) Found 4) The Lie
A bunch of interview vlogs on Uncensored Interviews

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Bad Veins a couple of times when I stomped around Cincinnati. Very fun songs, well written, indie cred… the may blow up soon, if their suitors in NYC or elsewhere come through…

Past Daytrotter Sessions I’ve blogged about (and dug):

~Dan – np: Carla Kihlstedt’s 2 Foot YardBorrowed Arms

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