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upcoming David Bazan & a Sufjan senior project

17th Jul 09 (Fri) Leave a comment

Pedro the Lion’s David Bazan is finally releasing his full-length debut.  It’s not his first release under his own name.  He had an EP out in 2006 (Fewer Moving Parts) and has released a few iTunes EPs/singles and some 7″ vinyl releases since Pedro the Lion’s last “band” record, Achilles Heel (in 2004).  David’s album comes out September 1st (on Barsuk Records CD/LP/mp3)… it’s called Curse Your Branches

1. Hard To Be
2. Bless This Mess
3. Please, Baby, Please
4. Curse Your Branches
5. Harmless Sparks
6. When We Fell
7. Lost My Shape
8. Bearing Witness
9. Heavy Breath
10. In Stitches

Keep your peepers here or on for info as it shows up.


Also, as reported on All Good Naysayers, student Jax de León did a senior graphic design project on Sufjan Stevens‘ 2005 album, Come On Feel the Illinoise, called Illinois: Visualizing Music.

Check out more about Illinois: Visualizing Music (link).

Speaking of Sufjan, Asthmatic Kitty is trying to call Osso’s upcoming album a Sufjan Stevens’ release.  Ha!!!  We’re on to you guys… come on, when is Suffie’s real next album coming out!? :)

OK, I know… Osso’s Run Rabbit Run album is a “real” album… and it’s gonna be rad as hell… but you know what I meant.

~Dan – np: Dave Douglas & Brass EcstasyOn Stage: 6/18/09 (early set)



9th Jul 09 (Thu) Leave a comment

So, back in 2007, I had the pleasure of seeing the just-named Osso String Quartet‘s worldwide premiere of Sufjan Stevens‘ electronic album Enjoy Your Rabbit songs arranged for strings.  That show at the MusicNow Festival 2007 (full festival review) was utterly fantastic.  Since that time, the band has been busy, including being the backing band for My Brightest Diamond‘s wonderful A Thousand Shark’s Teeth album.

Two and a half years will have passed since the worldwide stringed Rabbit debut to finally see the release of Osso’s full length debut… Run Rabbit Run, out October 6th:

  1. Year of the Ox (arr. Michael Atkinson)
  2. Enjoy Your Rabbit (arr. Michael Atkinson)
  3. Year of the Monkey (arr. Michael Atkinson)
  4. Year of the Tiger (arr. Rob Moose)
  5. Year of the Dragon (arr. Nico Muhly)
  6. Year of the Snake (arr. Olivier Manchon)
  7. Year of the Horse (arr. Rob Moose)
  8. Year of the Sheep (arr. Maxim Moston)
  9. Year of the Rat (arr. Olivier Manchon)
  10. Year of the Rooster (arr. Gabriel Kahane)
  11. Year of the Dog (arr. Rob Moose)
  12. Year of the Boar (arr. Michael Atkinson)
  13. Year of Our Lord (arr. Michael Atkinson)

Pre-order not available, yet.  More info here:

~Dan – np: Dengue FeverEscape from Dragon House

PS- Sigur Ros’s Jonsi & Alex’s Riceboy Sleeps debut has the deluxe edition officially on pre-order on their webpage (see here for more info).

No free download or torrents available here.

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