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REVIEW: Raquy & the Cavemen @ Joe’s (Eugene, OR – 9/24/09)

25th Sep 09 (Fri) 1 comment

In Cincinnati, we got to see Raquy Danziger, Liron Peled, and the rest of the Cavemen about twice a year due to the large tribal bellydance scene.  Well, luckily, Raquy’s sister lives in Eugene; so we get a visit roughly once a year.  They always put on a great show, full of wonderful percussive world rhythms.

I’d never been to Joe’s Bar & Grill… if I get a chance, I hope I’ll choose not to go again (or at least on a Thursday). You see, last night, besides the four different sources on the web with different start times and openers listed, was “ladies night.”  So, during Raquy’s set, we got a nice dose of “two drunk ‘ladies’ shouting too loudly over the music.”  One girl was literally explaining in a PhD dissertation-length exchange about how her phone was ringing, that she was going to pick it up, that she did pick it up, that she was going to talk on it, and then the volume didn’t decrease much when she was talking on it.  It must have been listed as “classy ladies night” in the local paper.

Despite prior interweb research, the Ruins of Ooah (a local band) was not the opener, but rather the last band.  We didn’t stick around for them, but I’ll try to catch them at another venue around town.  Up first was Mood Area 52 (a local bohemian/gypsy-style band).  They usually have a larger band, but last night was just accordian/vocals, cello, and double bass.  The cellist, Amy Danziger, is actually Raquy’s aforementioned sister who is Eugene-local. I’ve seen MA52 several times, but usually in a more “secondary” setting… meaning, they happen to be playing I stop by for a few songs during a Saturday Market, art walk, or coffee shop visit.  They played about 6 songs over 30 minutes.  They weren’t mic’ed at all, but it didn’t seem to matter.  They missed the loud lady convention that seemingly descended on the venue during Raquy’s set.  MA52 was quite delightful, and I recommend them if they’re playing and you’re in town.

Raquy and the Caveman hit the stage around 9:45 or so.  This time it was sans Nezih (only a Raquy & Liron duo band).  We had caught their long-ish soundcheck, and due to it being a “school night” only stuck around until about 10:30 for their main set.  They started out with several dual dumbek / dumset* songs… mostly fast, showing off both Raquy’s and Liron’s insane percussive skills.  We left shortly after their song that featured Raquy on kemenche (a Persion stringed instrument) and Liron on a Liron-custom 11-string guitar (stringed and tuned with a saz in mind).  A great performance by both of them… we wished we could have mustered up enough to stay longer.  Next year, we shall!

*-The “dumset” is a small set-up by Liron with a dumbek set up to a kick pedal, a dumbek in hand, cymbals, riq, etc.  It’s played like a regular drumset.

Raquy & the Cavemen’s fifth album, Bewitched, is out now.  We picked it up at the show, and I look forward to spinning it today.  Click the picture for more information on the new release:

The Appropriate Linkage:

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REVIEW: Raquy & the Cavemen @ Cozmic Pizza (Eugene, OR – – 4/30/08)

1st May 08 (Thu) Leave a comment

Raquy and the Cavemen put on a great show last night at Cozmic Pizza. They had put out two CDs since we saw them last time in Cincinnati; so we snagged those (2007’s Naked & 2008’s Mischief). They played almost exclusively from those two CDs (per Raquy & Liron’s onstage banter).

The band is made up of Raquy (pronounced “Rocky”) on dumbek and kemanche (not to be confused with a jalebi); Liron on dumbek, guitar, and riq; and Nezih (per their webpage) on riq, davul, and dumbek. Liron was dred-free since the last time we saw him… he got shorn last time he passed through Cincinnati by the Gaiananda peeps.

Their first few tunes featured Raquy beautifully on kemanche (a violin-type instrument), and she switched between the kemanche and dumbek throughout the night. About three or four songs in, they played a song that featured all three members on a drum of some sort, and it was mezmerizing how in-sync and fast they played. They cued each other with quick hand signals and eye movements, and they played wicked fast (at least for my fat little fingers to try to do).

After about 40 minutes (or so), they invited Eugene-based bellydance troupe Tribalation (led by Sabine) to dance along to the tunes. Tribalation danced to about 4 songs (one with Sabine doing some amazing dual-sword work). The end of the show had about 2 or 3 “open dance” songs. This was clearly right up my alley… as I did the “take the plates to the bin and napkins to the trash candance that I learned as a young child growing up in Nigeria*.

We also found out that Raquy has a sister who lives in Eugene (she ran merch last night). That’s exciting, because it means that these Brooklynites make their way here at least once a year. :-)

The appropriate linkage:

I’d post some of our own pictures of the show… alas, they were all either dark (due to the flash & low stage lighting) or blurry (due to no flash).

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*- NOTE: I am from Nigeria, I did take plates and napkins away… alas, it wasn’t a dance.

meaty Reptet, naked Raquy, and Gratuitous French Fries

30th Apr 08 (Wed) Leave a comment

REPTET. Great jazz band that lives about 4.5 hours too far away from me. Alas, they’ve been down this way (Eugene) from their way (Seattle) once lately (see review here). Great improvisors, great songwriters, great musicians. They’ve got a new album out. It’s great. It’s called Chicken or Beef?. My ears aren’t vegetarians. It’s quite delicious.

email “reptet @ hotmail (.) com” to see how to get ahold of a copy of Chicken or Beef?

RAQUY and the Cavemen
… tonight at Cozmic Pizza… look for a review tomorrow. Seen her and her band of misfits a few times in Cincinnati. They’re always a treat, plus they’ve put out 2 CDs since we last saw ’em… gather together in a cave and groove with a pict

Free French Fries are the opener for Peter Mulvey who is the opener for Patty Larkin… Thursday at WOW Hall. Peter Mulvey is one of my favorite singer-songwriters… ever. Great vocals, great guitarist (and his backing guitarist Goody is also wicked good, but not with him on this tour). Oh, and all you coupon haters can hate my cajun french fry fingers… foo! So, yeah, it’s all about literally free french fries via coupon (from The Vintage, who makes great cajun french fries & food and has great local beer on tap), not a band named Free French Fries. Though that would be cool in its own right… anyway, look for a review on Friday…

~Dan – np: ReptetChicken or Beef?

email “reptet @ hotmail (.) com” to see how to get ahold of a copy of Chicken or Beef?

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