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11th Dec 09 (Fri) 1 comment

Two new trailers for Maynard James Keenan‘s forthcoming documentary Blood Into Wine

(the serious trailer)

(the silly trailer)

I heard about this during the wine tasting portion of the Portland Puscifer show… now seeing the trailers – I’m stoked to see the movie.  It looks great… they need to find a way to package a 2-DVD with a 375 mL of the 2007 Judith. :)

Or, heck, even the recent Chupacabra / DVD combo would be nice, as the Judith is rarer than rare (20 cases).

Note: Maynard is the singer in Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer… and he makes great wines.

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REVIEW: Patton Oswalt @ Newmark Theatre (Portland, OR – 9/13/09)

14th Sep 09 (Mon) 2 comments

OK, so you may have heard of Patton Oswalt from Pixar’s Ratatouille.  He was the leading… um… rat.  You may also know him from the newly hitting the cinemas flick called Big Fan, and well… tons of other stuff.  He just released a new CD/DVD of his Comedy Central special, My Weakness is Strong.

(available on the Amazons)

This was my second time in the Newmark Theatre.  It suits a comedian as well as a 9-piece jazz band.  The show started right on time (7:30pm), and it was general admission, and I showed up at about 7:29pm… but I lucked out with a decent spot in the 2nd balcony.  The opener was really funny… a guy formerly from Portland, but who now lives in Seattle and writes trivia questions for an XBox game company or something.  I didn’t catch his name… Andy something (any help to fellow comedy-goers?).  Anyway, he was good, did 15 solid minutes and handed the mic directly to Patton…

Patton was really funny.  He has some bits canned, but he seems to wing it more than other comedians that I’ve seen (i.e.- Seinfeld & Carlin don’t tend to stray from their “script”).  Based on looking at the track titles from My Weakness is Strong, he did Sky Cake, The Oswalt Family Crest, Rats, Orgy, Treadmill, Obama…And Time Travel…And Coolness…And The Last Racist, and The Magician.  He also did the KFC Famous Bowl bit with a newly added bit about an upcoming “Double Down” sandwich that sounded dreadful to eat.  We got to witness a spontaneous song written for the Double Down when an audience member asked if there’d be a song…

♪♫ fuck you heart, fuck you liver, I’m gonna double down ♪♫

He ended the 90 minute set with the Christmas Song (Newsong) bit and a bit about Stella Dora breakfast treats.

Favorite bits from Patton…  hmm… Sky Cake (YouTube below) is a great bit and right up my alley.  Obama/Time Travel was great.  The Magician who was pissed about $5 was great.  KFC Famous Bowl / Double Down was classic, especially as we got to witness a new song formulated on-stage.  And Patton’s random interaction with a kid in a band from Eugene called Busket for about 5 minutes was pretty hilarious, too.  Good ol’ Motorized Vinyl Rhino!

Sky Cake is a Lie!

The Appropriate Linkage:

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I’m mad at Bumbershoot’s schedulers

20th Jul 09 (Mon) 4 comments

Bumber-shoot, indeed.

Sunday (9/6) at BumbershootHoly Fuck, David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Michael Franti, and Jason Mraz are all playing.  I would like to see all of them (in the order shown above).  BUT… they’re all playing at roughly the same time.  Balzac! If I caught all of Holy Fuck’s hour set (which I would be required to, due to the awesomeness that is Holy Fuck), I’d probably catch 15 minutes of Franti, 30 minutes of Cross, none of Oswalt, and about an hour of Mraz (but he’s the low man on the totem pole for me anyway).

Meh… the main draw for me is HF, David Cross & Patton Oswalt.  I don’t think I can justify a $35+fee ticket and 6 hours of driving for HF and 30 minutes of David Cross.  Oh well…

Anyway, check out the lineup over at  Maybe it works out better for you…

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