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ha’fway 2017

4th Jul 17 (Tue) Leave a comment

Happy 241st birthday, United States!


Ah, the annual halfway through the year music recap where I rarely post an end of year recap. *eyeroll* Eh… I don’t blog much anymore… regardless, here goes for my Top 10 of 2017 so far…

Artist Album (style)

  1. Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Mulhy & James McAlisterPlanetarium (indie rock)
  2. Burning GhostsReclamation (jazz metal)
  3. KXM (Doug Pinnick / George Lynch / Ray Luzier) – Scatterbrain (hard rock)
  4. Peter MulveyAre You Listening? (singer-songwriter)
  5. SexmobCultural Capital (jazz)
  6. David BazanCare (indie rock)
  7. Ani DiFrancoBinary (singer-songwriter)
  8. Future IslandsThe Far Field (indie pop)
  9. Mostly Other People Do the Killing (with Steven Bernstein of Sexmob) – Loafer’s Hollow (jazz)
  10. Incubus8 (rock)

Honorable mentions…

  • Albums by Lydia Ainsworth, Alt-J, Brian Marsella Trio’s Masada Book Two, Aimee Mann, Dave Douglas’ Riverside, and Throttle Elevator Music (Kamasi Washington).
  • EP – ANOHNI’s Paradise
  • Live – ISIS’ Live VII: 2.25.2010
  • Re-issues – Pink Floyd early years boxset(s), the Beatles Srgt. Pepper’s 50th, U2 The Joshua Tree 30th, Radiohead OK Computer 20th
  • Novelty – A**l Trump’s If You Thought ********* **** Was a Lot of People, You Should Have Seen My Inauguration 5″ vinyl (in “Seth Putnam form,” shall we say).

What’s still to come in 2017…

Claypool-Lennon Delirium 12″ (RSD wider-issue), Spotlights, Antibalas, Steven Wilson, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Mogwai, Radiohead OKNOTOK (physical), Failure live vinyl, Lo Tom (David Bazan, TW Walsh & Starflyer 59 folks), Celldweller, The National, Secret Chiefs 3, Weird Al boxset, plus much more, I’m sure.

Will I continue with blogs in the future? I don’t know. :P

Dan – np: Critters BugginMuti -EP-


recent jazz {Jan 2010}

3rd Feb 10 (Wed) Leave a comment

So, I usually don’t do album reviews, but I get tons of music (some comp’ed and some purchased); so I figured I’d do little snippet reviews once a month or so… here are some recent jazz CDs I got recently.  All of them were pretty darn fabulous…

Mostly Other People Do the KillingForty Fort (Jan 2010) So, I’m a fan of composer Moppa Elliott and trumpet player Peter Evans.  Peter’s solo show in Eugene a couple of years ago was an avant-garde delight.  MOPDTK is a little more straight forward than Peter’s solo stuff.  It’s a fun jazz group… very similar in feel and youthful, party jazz energy as Reptet (up in Seattle).  This is their second album that I’ve heard but their fourth released.  My favorite tracks are “Nanticoke Coke” and the title track “Forty Fort.”  I’m looking forward to more from this killer band ensemble.

Big Crazy Energy New York BandInspirations (Feb 2010) Led by trombonist Jens Wendelboe, BCENYB’s latest record is a delight.  The big band lead-off track, “Pleasant Pheasant,” is my favorite.  There are a few slower tunes on the record, and even a vocal song or two (of which I’m only “so so” on).  It ends strong with a big band instrumental version of the Beatles classic “A Day in the Life.”  This record is only available on CD Baby, from what I can tell.  Support indie music!

Charles Evans & Neil ShahLive at Saint Stephens (Dec 2009) Slow and meandering in spots with nice piano, this live recording from baritone saxophonist Charles Evans and pianist Neil Shah touches on the minimalist and sublime.  It’s a primarily improvisational and free-jazz in nature.  I think it gets a little tedious in parts (too long of movements that I felt didn’t go anywhere), but that’s sort of the nature of the beast with improvisational free-jazz.  Charles & Neil end of very strong with “What Worked, What Didn’t, What Wouldn’t, What Would’ve.”

Jon Lundbom & Big Five ChordAccomplish Jazz (Dec 2009) Moppa Elliott (from the aforementioned Mostly Other People Do the Killing CD) is also involved in this album… via playing bass.  Jon Lundbom is a jazz guitarist, and his pieces definitely gear towards that instrument.  A meandering piece and a more classical-influenced piece split up the album.  My favorite tunes were “The Christian Life” and the more energetic “Baluba, Baluba.”

Prana TrioThe Singing Image of Fire (Jan 2010) World music meets jazz… I dug the instrumental pieces moreso than the ones with vocals (that’s the nature of what I’m liking as of the past few years).  It features classic poetry from ancient Persia, India, and China – and I’m sure it’ll grow on me fairly well.  The music is very fit well with the poetry, very colorful and nuanced.

Next up will be the January 2010 Tzadik & Franck Smith/Zn’shñ releases – which I just got and need to find some time to digest (soon)…

~Dan – np: John Zorn/Mike Patton/Ikue MoriHemophiliac

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