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Radiohead – The Butcher / Supercollider (leaked)

16th Apr 11 (Sat) Leave a comment

Radiohead’s UK Record Store Day release of “The Butcher / Supercollider” got leaked… find the (vinyl rip) Soundcloud streams hereIf you’re crafty, you know how to download the mp3s.  The vinyl comes out in the U.S. in June.  I shall buy it then…

Update 4/18: If you pre-ordered the “Newspaper edition” of The King of Limbs from Radiohead, check your “Order Tracking” link on the kingoflimbs webpage.  Your high-quality, legal download of the songs is available (mp3 or WAV, depending on what format you originally ordered).

~Dan – np: RadioheadThe King of Limbs
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Radiohead – Wall of Ice EP

14th Aug 09 (Fri) 2 comments

UPDATE (8/17 pm): Regardless of the wallofice hoax
below, Jonny posted over on deadairspace a link to a
free download of “These Are My Twisted Words.”
Go here for the free download on WASTE.

UPDATE (8/17 am): I went to today. 
This appears to be a cruel hoax.  Lesson learned…
but whoever set up is a jackass.

Two new Radiohead songs in two weeks… last week’s “Harry Patch (In Memory Of)” and this week’s “These Are My Twisted Words“:

Now on atease

Since new Radiohead track ‘These are my twisted words’ leaked on the At Ease message board the other day, we were looking for more clues and found them. Here’s another one.

We were already pretty close to a rumoured EP (with four tracks?) entitled Wall Of Ice to be released on Monday (8/17). Now a url has seen the light. Pretty obvious really; The site is directed to Radiohead’s online download shop. Now you do the math.

~Dan – np: dredgThe Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion

no torrent or free download here

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