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Jazz is not hindered by boundaries, Wynton!

21st Dec 09 (Mon) 4 comments

Wynton Marsalis photo by Steve Mack

An open letter to Wynton Marsalis, self-professed “CEO of Jazz,” in response to this article:

Wynton Marsalis seeks purist fan . . .

The legendary jazz musician wants to give a present to the jazz buff in Spain who complained to the police that the music at a gig wasn’t ‘jazz’ – and has asked the Guardian to find him. Problem is, we can’t . . .
{read more of Giles Tremlett’s article from The Guardian UK}

While I enjoy much (if not all) of your catalogue, while I will likely continue to enjoy your future work, and while I will likely continue to go see you if you swing through my town – sometimes you are a close-minded nitwit.

Regardless of the fact that you may play what some to be considered “true jazz” that fits more with the founding New Orleans sound, you and your music do not define the genre.  Jazz is not something that is defined so narrowly.

For the sake of the artform, shut up, Wynton.  Quit trying to trumpet from the mountain-top that jazz is limited to that which you want it to be limited.

Free jazz and avant-garde/experimental jazz aren’t supposed to be called jazz?  Fine, that’s your opinion.  Just quit being such a pompous jerk about it.

Daniel Temmesfeld

np: Dave DouglasA Single Sky 

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