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Jones & Fripp’s Crimson Tool

5th Feb 10 (Fri) Leave a comment


So… King Crimson and Tool have toured together in the past. As posted on Blabbermouth, guitarists Adam Jones (Tool) and Robert Fripp (KC) are… well, read it here…

TOOL guitarist Adam Jones met with KING CRIMSON founder and guitar player Robert Fripp last month in London to discuss reactivating a collaborative album the pair began working on several years ago. Fripp revealed the news about the meeting in a post at his online diary, writing, “A fabbo lunch with Adam covering a wide range of common interests & experiencing, among which: the possibilities of continuing our album, begun in Los Angeles some 5-6 years ago; and go out speaking together.”


~Dan – np: George HrabInterrobang?! 


I’m such a tool…

7th May 08 (Wed) 2 comments


Arguably one of the most artistic bands in the hard music scene today (if not ever), Revolver Magazine has just put out a special Tool only issue… it’s on newstands as of yesterday (and also online).

TOOL is like the darker kin to prog/artrockers King Crimson. Maynard James Keenan‘s vocals can both sooth and split. Adam Jones‘ guitars bring a lot to the table, as does his artistic direction (and sculpture background) on their many creepy, yet tenaciously detailed, video imagery. Danny Carey (drums) and Justin Chancellor (bass) know how to build an inspiring rhythm (one of my favorite tracks “Reflection” from Lateralus is a great example of their handiwork).

Plus, their artistic collaboration with COSM‘s Alex Grey is cool in its own right (I have a print of “Net of Being” pictured below). It’s radly displayed in our massage room here at home.

Anyway, I like the band. The new Revolver Magazine is spiffy. If you like Tool, go out and grab a copy…

Oh, I almost forgot… be sure to check out Tool‘s awe-inspiring collaboration with the Dalai Lama.

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~Dan – np: CITR The Jazz Show 5/5/08 (podcast)

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