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Bill Maher’s Religulous

13th Oct 08 (Mon) 3 comments

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Well, I saw Bill Maher & Larry CharlesReligulous yesterday afternoon… and while it was the third weekend in theaters, there were more people in attendance than the opening weekend of Expelled (same theater in Eugene, same time of day).  Hmmm…

Anyway, funny funny funny movie.  Of course, considering the subject matter, there’s a wealth of comedic opportunity.  While it is primarily making fun of religion by talking down at its followers; well, there are some good points made.  Obviously, I’m biased, though… I like Bill Maher, and I tend to side with him in many areas.  Meh… sue me.

Check it out if it’s playing near you, or when it hits the DVD shelves.

If you like Bill Maher, you can get his HBO show Real Time for free as a podcast… check it out here (iTunes link).

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PS- sidenote / unrelated…

Fox News has nothing better to talk about than magazine touch-ups, as they are effectively on the wrong side on the issues when it comes to the constituents… might as well talk about magazine close-ups of former beauty queens:


John Zorn Presents the Aleph-Bet Sound Project

1st Jun 08 (Sun) 3 comments

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John Zorn Presents the Aleph-Bet Sound Project

June 8, 2008 – January 4, 2009

Aleph Bet Project

About the Exhibition

Highly-acclaimed musician and MacArthur Fellow John Zorn was commissioned by the Contemporary Jewish Museum to curate a series of sound pieces for the Museum’s Special Events/ ‘yud’ gallery, a unique space featuring a 65-foot ceiling, 36 diamond-shaped skylights, and walls that converge at different angles. Featuring new work by leading musicians and composers such as Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Erik Friedlander, David Greenberger, Chris Brown, Z’EV, Terry Riley, Alvin Curran, Christina Kubisch, Marina Rosenfeld, Raz Mesinai, and Jewlia, the Aleph-bet Sound Project acoustically explores the Kabbalistic principle that the ancient Hebrew alphabet is a spiritual tool full of hidden meaning and harmony. The works musically link the alphabetic symbols in architect Daniel Libeskind’s design for the new facility with the Museum’s mission of exploring traditions within a contemporary context.

John Zorn Presents the Aleph-Bet Sound Project is supported by a generous grant from The Guzik Foundation.


More about the Museum:

If you’re in San Francisco in the coming 6 months or so, it may be worth checking into…

I will, if I get down that way…

Here’s someone’s recount of their visit to the exhibit…

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