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Goddamn Electric Bill – Jazz (vinyl)

22nd Aug 10 (Sun) Leave a comment

Jason Torbert, aka Goddamn Electric Bill, is putting out his fourth album soon… this time on vinyl, and this time with our help.  He’s started a campaign via Kickstarter to gain enough pre-order support to make the vinyl happen.

There are several different packages including vinyl only, vinyl + bsides, vinyl+ bsides + CD, et cetera.  He needs to raise $1,500 by Sept 17th.  He’s about half way there as of now, but the project won’t happen if he doesn’t raise enough.  For those not in the know about GdEB, it’s a fantastic melodic, organic electronic soundscape.  Check out some tunes on MySpace or his video for “Ten Thousand Years” here:

I pitched in… I hope you dig the music and do the same.  Let’s make GdEB’s Jazz album on vinyl a reality!

To find out more about JAZZ, click a photo above. You can also ask a question in the comments, email, or follow any one of these links:

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Goddamn Electric Bill “Ten Thousand Years”

23rd Nov 09 (Mon) Leave a comment

I’ve been a fan of Jason Torbert‘s pseudonym Goddamn Electric Bill and his organic, electronic one-man bandness for a while.  I bought his EP, The Only Power to Please, from the musical social ghetto that is MySpace back in 2005.  I’ve been a fan of his work ever since – it fits with a lot of the organic electronic that I dig: Chroma Key, Ken Andrew’s On, The Album Leaf, Tristeza, Frog Pocket, et cetera…

Well, his new video for “Ten Thousand Years” off of 2008’s Topics for Gossip is really creative and heart warming…

(click picture for video)

Written/Directed by Drake Doremus
Director of Photography: John Guleserian
Production Designer: Theresa Avram
Edited by Jason Stewart
Starring: Jason Torbert (aka GdEB) and Zibby Allen
Crew: Eli Berg, David Meador, Tyler Graim, Scott Uhlfelder,
Armando Ballesteros, Amelia Tabullo, James Obed,
Tommy Obed, Israel Unger, and Mark Schoening

Find out more about GdEB:

~Dan – np: Melt Bananainitial t.

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