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Sufjan’s Sofia’s Song / Strong Bad Game

24th Apr 09 (Fri) Leave a comment


Sufjan Stevens has posted a new essay and song, “Sofia’s Song,” to the sidebar blog on Asthmatic Kitty.  Read it HERE.  The song can be downloaded from HERE.


And Telltale Games has just announced pre-order for the DVD of their previously download-only game Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.  You can read more about the pre-order combo pack specials HERE.

~Dan – np: Pissuk Rachav – Eretz Hakodesh

Andy Barker, P.I.

30th May 08 (Fri) 2 comments

Andy Barker, P.I. = One of the best shows of recently canceled fame.

It starred Andy Richter as a Certified Public Accountant turned Private Investigator due to taking over the office of a former P.I. I thought it was hilarious… and not just because I’m a CPA… my wife (an artist) loved it, too.

The only primetime show to joke about a 10-key, I’m sure.

It only had 6 episodes. Who do we petition for it to be released on DVD? Or at least BetaMax?

~Dan – np: CiTR’s The Jazz Show 5/26/08 (podcast)

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