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Masada in March @ Yoshi’s

30th Dec 08 (Tue) Leave a comment

I wish it weren’t during tax season (or) that I weren’t a CPA (or) that I lived closer…

These Zornfest dates were posted on Erik Friedlander’s website.  It’s not on Yoshi’s website yet (too soon), but the Dreamers and Electric Masada sets are confirmed on bassist Trevor Dunn’s performance listing.  Eleven (or more) sets of Masada and Masada-based music spread over six days by six different groups.  This line-up looks totally freaking AMAZING

ZORN FEST 2009 at Yoshi’s in Oakland, CA (changed to San Fran) (tickets on sale now)

March 10 – The Secret Chiefs 3 Play Masada
March 11 – Masada String Trio – 2 sets
March 12 – Masada Quintet – 2 sets
March 13 – Bar Kokhba Sextet – 2 sets
March 14 – The Dreamers – 2 sets
March 15 – Electric Masada – 2 sets

Seriously, guys… come on… you’re killin’ me… it couldn’t have been one month later? :)

~Dan – np: Miles DavisGet Up With It

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