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Latest: Noctaluca, Puscifer/Lustmord, David Bazan’s Xmas

20th Oct 08 (Mon) 3 comments

In order of awesomeness…

Noctaluca, one of my favorite Cincinnati-based rock bands (and quite frankly, one of my favorite rock bands regardless of local flavor) just put out their newest CD, Still the Wicked Rest.  I ordered it the same time as their Live DVD, and somehow thought that the new CD was just a live thing, too.  Well, when it showed up, I was all like, “hmmm… this looks like a legitimate studio CD.”  And, well, it is a new studio CD.  And it’s awesome.  Think two-guitar hard rock (with a sound that’s equal parts Led Zeppelin & early Alice in Chains) with a strong singer-songwriter core, powerful vocals, and lyrics for the Rage Against the Machine set…

Noctaluca is fronted by singer-songwriter Jason Ludwig.  His solo debut, PeLL MeLL, was one of my Top 10 from 2003.  Right after he got a lot of local acclaim for this, he ditched gigging by his name and started gigging his new band, Noctaluca.  In 2003, I snagged a copy of of the “Monkey Moon” radio single they had at a table at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.  This was the only recorded Noctaluca until 2006’s long-awaited Towering the Sum.  Towering the Sum was in a good group of favorite local CDs that year, as well as being in my Top 10 vocal CDs in 2006, too.  All this to say that I LIKE NOCTALUCA.  Being surprised with a new studio CD is well, awesomes…

And they start the new Still the Wicked Rest CD off with a re-recording of “Monkey Moon“… natch.  It deserved to make its way onto an official CD… finally.

Check ’em out!


Next up in awesomeness… getting endless mileage out of the same songs, there’s a new download-only dub mix of Puscifer songs by the dark & ambient Lustmord.  Puscifer is Maynard James Keenan (from Tool & A Perfect Circle).  Lustmord has had his hand at remixing the Melvins, Puscifer music previously releases, as well as maybe A Perfect Circle song(s).  My mind fails me, and I’m too lazy to check at this point. :)  The new album is 53 minutes, 8 songs… and fits in with the Puscifer album as well as a darker dub sound.  I’d recommend it if you like Maynard’s music, Lustmord’s music, dark dub, or remixes…

It’s available only at Puscifer’s store for now:


Next up in awesomeness… still awesome, but it is Christmas music (of which I usually don’t like); so it gets last billing.  David Bazan of Pedro the Lion put out another holiday-themed 7″ vinyl – a split of melancholy Jingle Bells & All I Want for Christmas.  This was the first one since I’ve lived on the West Coast.  The East Coast people got a 3 hour jump on the overnight email he sent out, and they snatched them all up… except for a few on Suicide Squeeze‘s website.  I scored one… but barely.

A 1,000 quantity pressing may not be enough, bro.

~Dan – np: TeslaForever More

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