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Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger’s “Schroedinger’s Cat”

2nd Dec 10 (Thu) 1 comment

Behold… Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp-Muhl of Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger‘s debut video from Acoustic Sessions is “Schroedinger’s Cat“…

See if you can count / list all of the historical figures and celebrities.  1-2-3-Go!

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13th Nov 10 (Sat) 2 comments

Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl‘s band The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger just put out their debut album Acoustic Sessions

On their debut album, “Acoustic Sessions”, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger show their love of quirky and whimsical ’60s folk pop, reminiscent at times of Syd Barrett, Incredible String Band and Simon & Garfunkel. Though stripped-down to spotlight their idiom juggling and intriguing wordplay, the sparse arrangements are adventurous and playful, anchored by the beautiful blend of Sean and Charlotte’s voices, acoustic guitar and a smattering of other instruments – a vibraphone here, a banjo there. GOASTT weaves narratives around a metaphysical geography of their own devising, finding a surrealist beauty in the mundane.

They are doing a quick set of dates in France / Germany / Netherlands in December, but they’re making a swing around the US in early 2011.  Check to their dates below…

GOASTT 2010/2011 Tour (backwards order)

I’m really stoked, as The Woods is an awesome, intimate venue in Portland.  I imagine the rest of the venues are similar.  For a feel for their sound, check out this in-studio video:

GOASTT play “Lavender Road” on WNYC

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Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl

28th Oct 10 (Thu) Leave a comment

Back in May 2008, my first post on jazzsick blog (I was transitioning from MySpace blogging) was about Sean Lennon‘s collaboration with Charlotte Kemp Muhl in a project called Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger.  Their music has been up on the MySpaces since that May 2008, and it was finally released in physical form this week (10.26.2010)…

Listen to it over here.  Check it out on CD or vinyl.

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