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Jude… working on new music…

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You/all/everybody… have been waiting for a follow-up to the last Jude studio album – technically 2006’s Redemption.  He has put out some music since then (the Low Stars album, the Cuba b-sides record, some music for TV’s LOST), but he’s still been in fairly silent mode.

Well on 1/24/2012, he posted…

New Album of Songs

I’ve decided to cobble together some unfinished records and make some new recordings as well. I’m past the point of pain from the writing, past the preciousness that keeps me from finishing songs, and past the point of thinking each track can change my life. So, with that remarkably confident build-up, in case anyone is still out there reading this, I love you for listening, and I hope to please you with this next work.

All I can do is try to be truthful in the songs. My instrument (vox) ain’t exactly what it used to be, but I’ll try to hide that from you with magical over-tracking, just like all the cool kids do now :)

Peace be with you. I expect to take a month, and then maybe get it out this Spring or something, no need to wait, right?

Now be patient and kind or I’ll crawl back into my hole! Oh, and Happy 2012. Peace be with us all.

Wow, no news and then hopefully a new album by Spring?  Yay!

~Dan – np: Damien JuradoMaraqopa

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