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Get your own Fol Chen song…

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Fol Chen makes some pretty fun, electronic indie rock (check the videos at the bottom).  They are also about to venture into the realm of making some impromptu music with a “Verbal Algorithm Composer-Free Song Generator.”

Walker Art Center – Open Field
Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, July 28th, 2-7pm

Samuel Bing and Sinosa Loa of the band Fol Chen (Asthmatic Kitty) will produce a customized, one-of-a-kind song for each person who participates in the Fol Chen Verbal Algorithm Composer-Free Song Generator. This is a one-day event only!

Come fill out a survey about your experience at the Walker, turn your survey in to Bing and Sinosa Loa, and receive a CD of your very own custom song minutes later. At the end of Summer Jubilee, they will release the songs as a digital download Open Field EP.

Samuel Bing is a songwriter and co-producer for Fol Chen, whose two albums of danceable, art-pop have garnered praise from the likes of The New York Times, NME and Pitchfork. They have remixed and/or been remixed by David Bowie, Liars, Baths, and legendary club producer Junior Vasquez. They also covered Prince for SPIN’s “Purplish Rain” compilation. Their song “In Ruins” was featured on Showtime’s Weeds and an episode of CSI: NY in which a victim is murdered over Chat Roulette.

artwork and survey

If you live in Minneapolis, go!  It’s FREE.

~Dan – np: The Spanish DonkeyXYX

Fol Chen youtube…

Cable TV

In Ruins


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