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dredg “Upon Returning” video

12th Jun 11 (Sun) Leave a comment Go to comments

The official video for “Upon Returning” from dredg:

Directed & edited by merkley???
Produced by merkley??? & Tyler Gourley
Water FX: James Dirschberger & Ken Fisk
End FX: merkley???

Elder Derelict: Ron Turner
Teen Derelict: Lars Gourley
Younger Derelict: Liam Bridges
Youngest Derelict: Jett Bridges
Life Guard: Dexter Simmons
Koolaid Fairy: Athena Rose Djurkovic

Koolaid Fairy Assistant: Mila Lilith Djurkovic

Cute, colorful and clever – nice work from merkley???.  They had me until… the second part of the “watersports.”  The watersports set aside, the video and album are both quite great.  It’s still building on me, but I dig it.  Chuckles and Mr Squeezy, silly name, solid tunes.  My favorite track is probably “The Tent,” highlighted in this trailer by Jorge Feres

~Dan – np: Les RhinocérosLes Rhinocéros

  1. 12th Jun 11 (Sun) at 7:00 am

    hahaha, it’s not watersports if a man is literally pissing his entire life away in order for you to have a nice cup of koolaid!

    thanks for blogging!

    • 12th Jun 11 (Sun) at 8:33 am

      :) Ah, that makes more sense now.

      So, what’s with the giant rat at the beginning? I’m baffled on that one.

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