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Tres Mountains (King’s X’s dUg Pinnick & Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament)

25th Jan 11 (Tue) Leave a comment Go to comments

A new “super group” of dUg Pinnick from King’s X, Richard Stuverud of the Fastbacks, and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam has a name and an album coming out and a selective tour in March 2011.

Tres Mountains (aka Tres Mts.)

Go to http://tresmts.com/, sign up for their newsletter, and get a free download of “My Baby.”  The debut album Three Mountains comes out in March 15th, 2011 (CD, LP, digital).  Update 2/3: I just got my ticket for the Seattle show at the Shoebox (3/16).  Apparently Mike McCready (also from Pearl Jam) is playing with them. Woot!

Update 3/8: get the record digitally here:

I’m hoping good things from this group.  I tend to really dig bands and side-projects where dUg gets involved.  The first track “My Baby” needs a bit warming up for me, but I dig the vibe.

Friend them on the Facebox:

~Dan – np: Yuka HondaHeart Chamber Phantoms

  1. Tamara
    17th Mar 11 (Thu) at 1:27 pm

    Was at the show box last night !! Excellent show McCready rocked the house

    • 17th Mar 11 (Thu) at 2:52 pm

      I’m so bummed… I got stranded in Eugene, OR, and couldn’t come up… I had a photo pass, too. :(

  1. 1st Feb 11 (Tue) at 7:18 pm
  2. 4th Mar 11 (Fri) at 11:26 am

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