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Michael Kelsey – Submerged (2011)

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Michael Kelsey is quite possibly the most intensely amazing guitar player I have ever seen – and I’ve seen a lot of them.  He’s a phenom in the live setting.  He pops, he jumps, he loops, he bends… I’ve heard his style being described as “progressive aggressive acoustic.”  It fits!  Once, I even saw him change a guitar string while still playing.  He didn’t even miss a beat…

Last week I put out a post about anticipated albums in 2011.  Had I even known about the Michael Kelsey’s surprise attack, it would have made that list – easily!  Well, his 6th studio album Submerged was announced on Thursday, December 30th – and it’s officially out now!!!

If you happen to live near West Lafayette, Indiana – you should go to the CD release party on January 15th, 2011 (FB event link).  He’s also doing a little midwest tour (I miss being able to see him now that I live out in Oregon).  If you are a downloader, the album is out now on the Amazons

If you dig CDs (like I), it’s available via his website with a super-easy PayPal purchase option:

Mine is on the way as I type this.  For a taste of what the album’s like:

Do yourself a favor.  New years resolution: new music! :)

~Dan – np: nine inch nailsthe fragile

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