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mini-REVIEW: Tiempo Libre @ OBF/Hilton Ballroom (Eugene, OR – 7/10/10)

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How does the penultimate night of the Oregon Bach Festival keep things going?  By having a Cuban dance party… naturally. ;)

Wait… Cuban music at the Bach Fest?!  Well, Tiempo Libre melds the two seemingly disparate styles together in quite a popular way.  In fact, their latest CD, Bach in Havana, was nominated for a Grammy this past year (category: Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album).

The show moved out of the Hult Center’s confining chairs over to the Eugene Hilton’s Ballroom.  The dance floor filled up almost immediately.  Throughout Tiempo Libre’s two sets, the dancers spilled out off of the dance floor onto the surrounding carpet.  Super fun night, super hot music!

Tiempo Libre is Jorge Gomez (piano, coros, music director), Joaquin Díaz (lead vocal), Leandro G. (congas, bata & coros), Tebelio Fonte (bass, coros), Luis Beltran C. (sax & flute), Cristóbal F.G. (trumpet, trombone), and Armando Arce (drums, timbal & bata).

If you’re reading this early on Sunday… today is the last day of the Oregon Bach Festival.  Catch the festival-capping Elijah this afternoon at the Hult (3pm)!  Or check back soon for the 2011 schedule… http://oregonbachfestival.com/

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