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REVIEW: Charlie Hunter @ WOW Hall (Eugene, OR – 5/18/10)

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Charlie Hunter‘s new CD Gentlemen, I Neglected To Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid was the first CD through the gates in 2010.  The CD is named after a saying from an undisclosed curmudgeon musician who used to pull that on his players (no, it’s not indicative of Charlie’s payment habits). 

The album is a fun jaunt full of the groove-laden jazz that Charlie Hunter fans know and love.  It’s a highly recommended purchase for 2010… (pictured to the right)

The current “Evening with Charlie Hunter” tour is slightly stripped down compared to the album… it features Hunter on guitar, Ron Miles (trumpet) & Eric Kalb (drums).  They hit the WOW Hall stage just after 8pm and played two sets and a long encore… well over two solid hours.  All three men played effortlessly… their first set was smokey and soulful.  Their second set was a bit more upbeat with more solos, including a few standards mixed in with the Neglected tunes.

Eric and Ron were very tight players, with stunning solos in their own right.  Eric had a great feel, and while I think Ron stayed in the shadows more during the sets, the trumpet flavor he added to the trio was a perfect fit.

One of the most amazing things from the night was watching Charlie play.  His seeming ease at which he plays bass and guitar on one instrument is stunning (and curse-worthy for the guitar aficionado in the crowd).  If you weren’t watching the stage, you’d easily be fooled that it was a quartet and not a trio.  It’s quite an amazing thing to see and hear.  He’s so unassuming about it, too… a showman without the show-off attitude.

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