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Doug Pinnick, 24-7 Spyz & Fishbone members form A.N.M.

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As reported on Blabbermouth

Jimi Hazel — guitarist, vocalist and producer of acclaimed heavy metal soul band 24-7 SPYZ — has announced the formation of what is now being billed as the “first black supergroup” called A.N.M. (a.k.a. ANTI N***ER MACHINE).

The band’s lineup is as follows:

  • Doug Pinnick (KING’S X): Vocals
  • Jimi Hazel (24-7 SPYZ): Guitar, Vocals
  • Rick Skatore (24-7 SPYZ): Bass, Vocals
  • Spacey T (SOUND BARRIER, FISBONE): Guitar, Vocals
  • Greg Fulton (CYCLONE TEMPLE, RWA): Guitar, Vocals
  • Phil D. Fish (FISHBONE, WICKED WISDOM): Drums, Percussion

Commented Jimi: “This is gonna be a beautiful thing and we will drop some of the heaviest, funkiest and crunchiest music heard in a long time! I’m honored to be a part of music making history with my brothers and I know that people will be more than happy when they hear what comes from us!

A.N.M. is currently talking to labels in search of a home for what will become one of the highly anticipated releases of 2010. The band plans to spend the winter writing and recording and hopes to release a CD in late spring or early summer.


I dug the Doug collaboration with 24-7 Spyz (back in 1996) on Heavy Metal Soul By the Pound.  With Doug on lead vocal duties and Fishbone members in the mix, this promises to be pretty damn good.  I’m not too fond of their band name.  I mean, I understand the meaning and where they’re coming from.  I just don’t necessarily “prefer” their choice.  Regardless, I bet the music will be great.

~Dan – np: Tegan and SaraSainthood thainthood

  1. 24th Nov 09 (Tue) at 4:16 pm

    We could’ve easily picked a name that didn’t mean anything to us, like Chickenfoot, maybe? But since the music matters and who we are and why and what we’ll do hopefully will as well, it was imperative to name the band something that represents us correctly. You can always use the “politically correct” A. N. M., if it makes you feel better. But no matter how you say it, the music will speak volumes:-)


    • 24th Nov 09 (Tue) at 7:26 pm

      Oh, I know, I know… I’m not offended, and I understand the meaning and why it was used. Just not fond of it. :) Just a preference. :)

      I’m really looking forward to the record. I love 24-7 Spyz and Doug tons!


  2. 24th Nov 09 (Tue) at 7:40 pm

    I dig! It’s all good. Here’s looking forward to a massively musical 2010! And man, am I ever!



  3. 27th Jan 10 (Wed) at 1:15 am

    JH, I truly feel where you are vibrating from- it should always be about the music – b/c once the music starts slamming and the head starts nodding, the last thing you are going to be thinkin’ is ‘why they had to go there with the name’……seen?!!

    I got nothing but mad luv and props on this effort….

    Long live the BlackRockCoalition


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