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John Zorn in San Fran 2009

14th Mar 09 (Sat) Leave a comment Go to comments

First off… Happy Pi Day

Also, tomorrow (Sunday the 15th) marks the end of the run of special John Zorn’s Masada at Yoshi’s in San Francisco.  Here’s a YouTube clip of the Secret Chiefs 3 performance of “Omael” from Xaphan on Tuesday night (pardon the video quality, the taper had to keep it “on the down low” due to the venue’s strict policies against such things):

And “Kemuel“…

Anyone able to sneak an audio recording of any of the Zorn Fest shows (below)?  Hit me up

~Dan – np: Kukl (early Björk punk band) – The Eye

Zorn Fest 2009

March 10 – The Secret Chiefs 3 Play Masada
March 11 – Masada String Trio – 2 sets
March 12 – Masada Quintet – 2 sets
March 13 – Bar Kokhba Sextet – 2 sets
March 14 – The Dreamers – 2 sets
March 15 – Electric Masada – 2 sets

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