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REVIEW: Jason Schimmel’s Orange Tulip Conspiracy @ Samurai Duck (Eugene, OR – – 11/17/08)

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FYI… my PHOTOS of the SHOW are at the BOTTOM

Samurai Duck on a Monday night… ugh… but it was for a good cause.  It was to see Jason Schimmel’s Orange Tulip Conspiracy (hereafter “OTC”).  I’d seen Jason thrice prior (with Estradasphere once and with Secret Chiefs 3 twice).  I fought the late night start to the week, the sleepiness, the sticky bar, and deep fried pizza (shudder).  Egads, why did I let myself be sucked in by $3 fried pizza?  I mean, sweet muscular Jesus… why!?  It was wrong on too many levels…

Anyway, OTC went on around 10pm, or at least I thought.  They were just foolin’, as I think Jason was setting up his Mac to tape the show and needed some levels.  They went on for real around 10:20 and played until just about 11:30.  I’m bad with the song names on instrumental bands, but they played most of the music from their eponymous debut CD.  They also played a Django Reinhardt tune like no Django I’d previously heard (it was pretty fun, fast & furious).  Hot Club de France was usually fun & furious, but not so fast… it was fun to OTC stretch it out at the end, too…

(click for larger)

The band was made up of bandleader Jason Schimmel (on guitars & swanky hat), John Whooley (on saxes & keys, an original Estradasphere member), Dan Robbins (on basses), Zach Cline (on guitar) and Lee Smith (on drums).  John Whooley really ripped it up, and the live show was very much more sax-oriented than I remembered the CD being.  It makes me wish I’d seen the earlier incarnation of Estradasphere (even though the current incarnation is excellent).  Lee Smith also seemed more comfortable because he didn’t have to start his set in a ninja costume

The 70 minute set was full of rockin’ jazz-infused tunes.  Very swingy in spots, but Jason also pulled out a 7-string for a chunky low-end on a song.  If John Petrucci (from Dream Theater) has taught me anything, it’s that I love me some 7-string.  The night was full of what my wife might call a band in an “identity crisis,” but that’s exactly what I love about bands in which I’ve seen Jason play – – they’re full of energy & musical chops.  OTC aren’t afraid to just push the envelope.  They enjoy ripping it open like a birthday card from a rich Aunt. :)

The live show was pretty awesome, and the album is fantastic.  It’s quite frankly in the running for faves of the year.  It can (and should) be bought via Web of Mimicry/Lobefood (click the picture below):

The Appropriate Linkage:

Where they’re heading next on this 2008 West Coast Tour?

Nov 18 2008 – On the Y, Sacramento, California
Nov 19 2008 – Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz, California
Nov 20 2008 – The Ruby Room, San Diego, California
Nov 21 2008 – The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, California
Nov 22 2008 – Hotel Utah, San Francisco, California

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 -and- ElleryYou Did Everything Right -EP-

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  1. 14th Dec 08 (Sun) at 7:18 pm

    nice review mate :)

    I’m very jealous!

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