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Ty Tabor, MBD, Sufjan/Dessner/Brams

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Ty Tabor, guitarist from King’s X, will have a new solo album out in early December.  Balance

It will be streaming from his MySpace page shortly.  Also for more info on his music, be sure to check out http://www.myspace.com/tytabor.


Asthmatic Kitty (AK) just released a new My Brightest Diamond remix album digitally.  It’s called Shark Remixes Vol 1 – Alfred Brown.  It’s the first of four remix EPs.  The other three remixers are DM Stith, Son Lux and Roberto Carlos Lange.  For more info on this digital release, check iTunes or AK’s website.

AK also released a new compilation for Habitat for Humanity with a collaboration from Sufjan Stevens, The National’s Bryce Dessner, and AK co-founder Lowell Brams.  Their trio is called Tidal River.  For more information on AK’s Habitat compilation, go here.

~Dan – np: Medeski Martin & WoodRadiolarians I

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