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when björk meets yorke (redux)

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The last time Björk and Thom Yorke (of Radiohead) got together was “I’ve Seen it All” on the 2000 EP/soundtrack Selmasongs (for the movie Dancer in the Dark).  That was a pretty good pop affair (for a pretty dreadful movie, IMO).

This latest Björk and Thom Yorke collaboration produced a fun, cluster of sound that fits better within the experiment that is… Björk and Thom Yorke’s current musical psyche.  One may say that their output doesn’t put any sense of “boration” in “collaboration.”  But that may be considered a stretch; so let’s never say I tried to pull that off as a legit pun. Anyway, their new song is called “Náttúra.”  It’s available on iTunes and other online outlets…

Náttúra is dedicated to the Náttúra Campaign in Iceland.  You can find it at nattura.info and at nattura.grapewire.net.  From Björk’s webpage

The single was composed specifically to encourage active support for the Nattura campaign, which aims at collating and providing sustainable and eco-friendly options suitable for Iceland, and generating alternative ways to utilize it’s natural resources. People will be able to submit their ideas on the website for sustainable green workplaces for Icelanders. According to Björk, “It is now more important than ever before to emphasize a respect for nature…I believe that profits, technological advances and working together with nature can all go hand in hand. None need to be sacrificed at the expense of the others.”

The new single is written and produced by Björk and features Radiohead’s Thom Yorke on backing vocals, Brian Chippendale (Lighting Bolt) on drums, Matthew Herbert on synth/bass, and Mark Bell on additional electronic beats. Opening with a huge elemental swirl, “Nattura” then fires up an incendiary and fierce tribal rhythm. The song sees Björk firmly on the march in celebration of her homeland, in hopes that Icelanders harness its energy in a sustainable way.

Skerik’s McTuff bring his groovy, jazz combo to Eugene tomorrow at Sam Bond’s Garage… yay!

~Dan – np: Noctaluca –

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