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Ron Howard as Opie & Richie Cunningham

24th Oct 08 (Fri) Leave a comment Go to comments

Brilliant stuff… check out a new video of Ron Howard (as Opie with Andy Griffith & Richie with Henry Winkler) over on my friend J.Marie’s blog:

(click the pic)

I’d post it here, but WordPress(.com) doesn’t like many of the standard video embedding links.


  1. Nathan Ketchen
    29th Oct 08 (Wed) at 11:30 am

    That was great! Too bad he wants us to vote for a socialist.

  2. 29th Oct 08 (Wed) at 1:58 pm


  3. 29th Oct 08 (Wed) at 8:48 pm

    Obama is not a socialist.

    I guess you’re afraid of him and/or don’t want people to vote for him, because churches do better when the populace is in turmoil. Eh?

  4. Nathan Ketchen
    30th Oct 08 (Thu) at 7:56 am

    I honestly think the church I pastor would do better with Obama as president. He will push to legalize all the undocumented foreigners among us, and that would be one less difficulty for me to deal with pastorally. His presidency could possibly lead to a wide-spread persecution of Christians if gay marriage and other “progressive” (AKA socialist) agendas go through, too. That would most certainly help the church, but will hurt badly in the short-run. I’m not afraid of any of that.

    He’s not a socialist? You’re telling me his tax plan is not socialist? His healthcare plan is not socialist? His work as a community organizer to instruct teachers in Chicago on how to make the students leftist advocates was not socialist? What, pray tell, is he, if he is not a socialist?

  5. 30th Oct 08 (Thu) at 11:07 am

    The government needs taxes for things like infrastructure and social welfare programs. If caring about infrastructure and the well being of other people is considered socialistic, well, then we’ve been a socialist nation for a long time. That’s far from the case.

    On a side note, what would Jesus do about helping the poor? I’m curious. Is it non-biblical for a government to help its needy?

    If you think simply allowing homosexuals to get married so they can enjoy the same benefits (employer health care dependency status) as heterosexual couples will turn into “wide-spread persecution of Christians”… well, that’s either absurdism, fear, or both. Or is a scenario of Christians NOT being able to persecute homosexuals some form of reverse persecution on Christians themselves? It’s absurd.


  6. Nathan Ketchen
    30th Oct 08 (Thu) at 12:12 pm

    You’re right. We have been somewhat socialistic in this country for a long time. It is not the government’s place to take on those responsibilities. They will always screw it up. If you thinks that’s wrong, just look at the socialist programs the government already runs. The VA is a national disgrace, Medicare and Medicaid only do the bare minumum and often screw it up, social security does not provide for retirement. How is more government control going to help?

    What would Jesus do about the poor?? He surely wouldn’t have the civil government provide for them by taxing people more than 10% of their income. The church should take care of her members who are poor, and to the extent that she doesn’t, she should be ashamed. The civil government does need to look after its poor, but socialism doesn’t work. There must be a better way.

    The persecution of Christians on account of legalized homosexual marriage has already begun. In Massechussetts a Roman Catholic orphanage has had to shut its doors because they were being attacked for not adopting out children to homosexual couples. Their stance to not allow homosexuals to adopt made them outlaws. That wicked legislation has put the children in that orphanage on the street! How absurd is that?

    Again, what is Obama if he is not a socialist?

  7. 30th Oct 08 (Thu) at 12:42 pm

    Thinking that the church knows what’s best for the populace isn’t optimal, IMO.

    Obama is a democrat.

  8. Nathan Ketchen
    30th Oct 08 (Thu) at 2:18 pm

    International Mathematical Olympiad? :)

    Fair enough. I made my point.

  9. 30th Oct 08 (Thu) at 3:36 pm

    Inuit Marsupial Octopus (would be a weird animal)

  10. Nathan Ketchen
    5th Nov 08 (Wed) at 9:15 am

    Congratulations, Mr. Obama.

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