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Glen Phillips “oops. ouch.”

9th Oct 08 (Thu) Leave a comment Go to comments

Reposted from Glen Phillips’s blog

never sit on a glass coffee table, even on the edge of one, the metal part which looks like it can support your weight that you’ve sat on before and seen others sit on. it will break and you will fall into the glass, deeply cutting your arm so that you’ll have to cancel the first few shows (at least) of the upcoming tour.

which means: i need to see a hand specialist in the next few days and find out what can be done to make my left hand work properly again. i also need to get mr kingham to learn to play all my songs, as i dont think i’ll be able to play guitar for a while. i’ll keep you informed as i know more about the tour and my arm. just to repeat: only the first few shows are currently cancelled. i want to get out and sing for you all as soon as i can

also: special thanks to sean watkins for calling the ambulance, putting a tourniquet on me and reviving me when i passed out from blood loss. he even cleaned up the room. three cheers!

Ouch, indeed.  *shudder*

I hope you heal quickly, sir!


PS- he’s posted an update… as of 10/12, he thinks he’ll be back on tour by 10/31, not playing guitar, but at least singing.  Read more here: http://glenphillips.net/blog/?p=76

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