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Oregon Donor Needed

8th Sep 08 (Mon) Leave a comment Go to comments

Sad news.  This came through on the jazzpdx RSS feed yesterday…

The Oregonian has just published a breaking story highlighting the uncertain future of the Portland Jazz Festival after sponsorship troubles.  Here’s a clip from the article:

The Portland Jazz Festival, strapped for cash after losing its title sponsor in April, plans to stop operating as of Sept. 15. Barring a “miracle” infusion of about $100,000, the February 2009 festival — previously slated to be the exclusive 70th anniversary celebration for seminal jazz label Blue Note — won’t happen. Nor, most likely, will there be any festivals after that.

I got to see two great acts in one night (Ornette Coleman and the Dave Douglas/Joe Lovano-led SFJazz Collective) last year.  I’m hopeful some large-and-in-charge bigwig can front a $100,000 check for a great cause.

Please?  Pretty please?  It’s doesn’t even need to be someone from Oregon… that was merely a play on words.  California?  Idaho?  Washington?  Rhode Island?  Got any love for continuing the Portland jazz scene?

~Dan – np: Ornette Coleman & Prime TimeTone Dialing

  1. jazzpdx
    1st Oct 08 (Wed) at 12:41 pm

    The PJF just announced that will help from Alaska Airlines, the festival will be back on this year. Check out JazzPDX.org for more details as they come in.

    Thanks for the trackback.

  2. 1st Oct 08 (Wed) at 1:37 pm

    Thanks… I just got that from my RSS feed of your blog. :)

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