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God of Shamisen – a pimpin’ I shall do…

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OK… God of Shamisen, great band, gonna get to see ’em on Thursday.  They’ve got a new CD, Dragon String Attack.  It’s their 1st CD.  It’s out now.  If you don’t happen to live near where they’re playing on this tour, you can order it online with the easy-peasy PayPals.  This is directly from the artist to your ears.  Support indie musics!!  Check ’em out online: http://www.myspace.com/gos

The CD (click the picture for more info):

The Shirt (click the picture for more info):

The Tour:

Sep 8 2008 THE FUNHOUSE – w/ the Diminished Men Seattle, Washington
Sep 9 2008 DUNES – w/ SHAT and Circuit Breaking Silence Portland, Oregon
Sep 10 2008 JOHNNY B’s Medford, Oregon
Sep 11 2008 SAMURAI DUCK Eugene, Oregon
Sep 12 2008 CRUX ARTIST COLLECTIVE Chico, California
Sep 13 2008 THE FISHTANK – w/ Shamalamacord Oakland, California
Sep 14 2008 THE SCENE (new venue!) Glendale, California
Sep 16 2008 AUDIE’S OLYMPIC / CLUB FRED – w/ Brian Kenney Fresno and Foxycock Fresno, California
Sep 17 2008 BLUE LAGOON – w/ We Be The Echo and Happy Meal Santa Cruz, California
Sep 18 2008 RASPUTINS RECORDS free in-store Mountain View, California
Sep 19 2008 BOTTOM OF THE HILL – w/ We Be The Echo and Headshear San Francisco, California

If you live in Eugene, OR, see you on Thursday… if you know what’s good for you. :)

~Dan – np: Medeski Martin & Wood plays John Zorn’s Masada Book Two – Zaebos

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