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REVIEW: Nellie McKay @ Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR – – 8/15/08)

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FYI… PHOTOS of the SHOW are at the BOTTOM

Early shows are problematic, especially if you have to drive 2 hours to get to them. Oh, and also if the artist thought they started later. Blame for this goes squarely to the Doug Fir Lounge, in my opinion. Double-booking a night is horrible. Horrible. Nellie McKay* would have likely played much longer, had she been allowed to… argh.

*for the newbies, her last name rhymes with “McPie”

Anyway, the opener Amorèe Lovell started right at 7pm, and played a stellar 40 minutes. She is from Portland, and plays a mean piano with quirky lyrics and fun banter. I’d say she fits in with the likes of Regina Spektor & Nellie McKay with a touch of Tori Amos. She also brings her own charm & style. She was very entertaining. She played mainly originals, but also threw in some Tom Waits, Johnny Cash & David Bowie. On to Nellie…

Nellie‘s start time was supposed to be 8pm. She didn’t hit the stage until nearly 8:30, due to a mix-up with her start time. Most of the crowd was getting antsy (myself included), as the late show had a “doors open” time of 9:30. Yikes. With that being said, Nellie came on and put on a great just shy of an hour show. She seemed more comfortable and confident, and she was as funny / spunky as usual.

Nellie’s Setlist:

  • Toto Dies
  • Old Enough
  • Mother of Pearl [on uke]
  • story about prince chunky, the 44 pound cat
  • The Dog Song (a fav of the set)
  • Real Life
  • Tipperary
  • Don’t Fence Me In [on uke]
  • Vote for Mr. Rhythm [with Obama tag at the end]
  • Sari (a fav of the set… with Dylan impression at the end)
  • Feed the Birds
  • Politan
  • Don’t Fence Me In [false start… she remembered she already did it] :)
  • Me Gusta Mañana [on uke.. a silly spanish song]
  • explanation about her NPR song “Cavendish”… she didn’t have time to brush up on it, but sometime soon
  • Zombie (a fav of the set)
  • Encore 1: Really
  • Encore 2: Ding Dong

The Appropriate Linkage:

Next show for me?  Radiohead next Wednesday at White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, WA (up near Seattle).  Woot!!

I was a pageant gone bad…
~Dan – np: Thelonious Monk & Sonny RollinsThelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins

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you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

  1. Dylan
    16th Aug 08 (Sat) at 3:01 pm

    Nellie was an hour late. Not Doug Fir’s fault.

  2. 16th Aug 08 (Sat) at 3:45 pm

    OK. Oh well… I still can blame Doug Fir for double-booking an evening… :P


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