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gettin’ wood

15th Jul 08 (Tue) Leave a comment Go to comments

While I don’t want to cheapen anything posted 12 hours ago, this one tries to move on slowly from a sad note of last night’s blog…

While at the Oregon Country Fair this past weekend, we stumbled upon the Musical Furnishings booth. This was the company mentioned back in this blog. They’re based in Olympia, WA, but I had no idea that they’d be in Oregon for the fair.

Anyway, they had some “scratch-n-dent” models that they couldn’t sell online to sight unseen buyers… so we came away with a cool marimba-style table… never mind the dust (we still need to clean it from the dusty weekend it encountered at the Fair). My wife actually paid for it; so one might say that she knows how to give me wood*.

We also got to play on one of the drum-style ones, too… and we hope to get one of those in the near future. :)

Check out their website: http://www.musicalfurnishings.com/

*– alas it’s not a gift for me. It’s hers, and hopefully she’ll let me play with it…

~Dan – np: Ornette ColemanChange of the Century

  1. 15th Jul 08 (Tue) at 10:08 pm

    I wanna play! I wanna play!

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