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Expelled: No Intelligence At All

19th Apr 08 (Sat) Leave a comment Go to comments

OK. Horrible bad propaganda film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, is horribly bad propaganda. Don’t bother seeing it. If you do bother seeing it (like me), don’t bother paying for it. I didn’t.

Ben Stein: wow… he’s a bad interviewer / main guy in a documentary film. Let’s just say that he could take some “be captivating” tips from Morgan Spurlock, or some “how to ask interesting questions” tips from Michael Moore, or some “get a clue” tips from Colonel Mustard… in the study… with the candlestick. Boring guy. I guess I shouldn’t have expected more from him… Bueller… Bueller… Bueller?

Oh, but a personal friend from Cincinnati was spotted twice. Let’s call her J.S. She was in the picket line in front of the Creation Museum opening (in N.Ky). I spotted her twice, and it was cool to see a friend on the big screen while being 2,600 miles way. Her husband (let’s call him G.K.), also at the “event,” wasn’t spotted by me. He was likely inside giving face time to BBC and CityBeat about how this museum isn’t really science.

Anyway, back to the movie. It was a heavily ID-backed movie. It was trying to claim how “cdesign proponentsists” are losing out in academia due to their views on ID and science. They are “losing their freedom.” Um… ok. ID is fine if you want to believe it, but it’s religion and not science. Why should it be taught in governmentally-funded schools? It’s religion, not science. Believe it, fine. Use government money to teach it? Um, no.

As Richard Dawkins posted in his review of the film (entitled “Lying for Jesus?“), it’s full of “lord privy seals.” They are painfully all over the place. They talk about something, then cut to stock footage of it. It was painful, I tell ya. They also butchered the interview with Richard… taking one of his statements out of context, making him sound like he believes in aliens who may have first seeded life on this planet. Most of what they got of Dan Dennett, P.Z. Myers, Eugenie Scott, et cetera didn’t seem too much out of context, but definitely from an “us versus them” stance and likely not the forefront of their taped discussion(s).

Worst part of the movie… linking Darwin to Hitler… as if Hitler wouldn’t have done what he did were it not for The Origin of the Species. Ben Stein took over 30 minutes (easy) making that link, not including the “lord privy seals” inferring it earlier in the movie. Um… there was racism before Darwin. There was hatred of other races, and slavery of other races, way back in The Bible (endorsed by God even). Hmmm…

Oh, and (per the movie) Planned Parenthood is evil… it’s all about eugenics. ::sigh::

I don’t know. If you want to know more about the film, go here: Expelled (the link is… http://www.expelledexposed.com/)

Expelled, the movie, equals A COMPLETE & UTTER FAIL.

In a similar religion and movie theme… I am looking forward to Bill Maher & (Curb Your Enthusiasm/Seinfeld/Borat writer-director) Larry Charles movie this summer… Religulous. The topic is interesting, but I also really dig Bill Maher & Larry Charles.

~Dan – np: TurtleBarking at Some People Walking By

PS- here’s a parody video put out by the Richard Dawkins Foundation…

Addendum (post review)

This “Dawkins Rap video” was made by the Expelled folks, alas, it’s funny nonetheless…

Apparently the Anti-Defamation League, which fights anti-Semitism, renounces Expelled‘s connection between Hitler and Darwin as being an inaccurate connection that the movie made…


  1. Nathan Ketchen
    18th Jul 08 (Fri) at 11:39 am

    I haven’t seen the movie. I’d like to see it, but have a problem spending money on any movie these days, because they all have an agenda. I can appreciate the fact that the interviews were done under false pretenses and that this is indeed a propaganda film. I guess I don’t understand why you are looking forward to the movie Religulous. That’s just another propaganda film, along with all the documentary-type movies that are so in vogue lately. If you denounce one of the films in this genre, it seems to me it is only fair to denounce them all on similar grounds.

  2. 18th Jul 08 (Fri) at 3:32 pm

    I’m looking forward to Religulous because I like Bill Maher‘s style of humor… and Larry Charles, too (producer for Borat & Ali G stuff and writer/director on many Seinfeld & Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes).

  3. Nathan Ketchen
    9th Aug 08 (Sat) at 1:38 pm

    I like seeing atheists made to look like fools (because they are), but that doesn’t make it right for the interviewers to have lied. Bill Maher’s film (from what I’ve seen in the preview) is just an excuse to make fun of Christians. Do you think he was honest about his intentions with those he interviewed? Do you think he interviewed anyone from a Reformed denomination like the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to get someone who at least reads the Bible?

    To say that religion is not science as an attack on ID (I don’t even associate myself with ID because it isn’t necessarily Christian Theism they argue) misses the point altogether. You merely state the obvious. Of course religion isn’t science. The question of ID is with reguard to a starting point. Everyone makes assumptions even before applying the scientific method. Which assumptions are you making? Do you assume there is no God? Fine, that is a starting point, but was not arrived at scientifically. I’ll make an obvious statement, too: Atheism is not science. Given Theistic starting point, what is so unscientific about the creation museum? If your answer is the Theistic starting point, then you have not answered the question, because no starting point is scientific.

    The little picture of Hitler is a nice touch. Hitler was no Christian, he was a Hegelian. When he spoke of religion it was a state religion, which is far from Christianity, but uses Christian terminology.

  4. 9th Aug 08 (Sat) at 3:13 pm

    Hi Nathan. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to your other email. I’m too busy to get into long email “debates,” but one day I’ll reply when I have time to re-read it — perhaps.

    I make no claim about Bill Maher or about his intentions or informing (or not informing) interviewees of his intentions. It “makes no nevermind” to me. If he informed his interviewees or not, it’ll be a funny movie. He’s a comedian and an atheist. I like comedians and atheists. I think I’ll like the movie. ’nuff said.

    So only the OPC reads the Bible? Funny.

    I’ve read the Bible quite a bit, several times. Noawdays, I think it’s about the equivalent of a cheap romance novel… all it needs is a hunk with a rippled, uncovered chest on the front.

    Of course atheism isn’t science. It’s philosophy. But evolution is science. And that’s what the whole Expelled movie was all about… evolution vs. ID. Not atheism vs. ID

    Re: the Creation Museum… wow… it’s a laugh and a half. I’ve seen pictures of the placards and statements that they make. It’s insane.

    Re: Hitler. Um… OK. Hitler uses Christian terminology. Fine. Doesn’t the Bible endorse slavery and bigotry… was that the “terminology” he used?


  5. Nathan Ketchen
    12th Aug 08 (Tue) at 10:34 am

    I didn’t say the OPC is the only denomination that reads the Bible. Maybe I wasn’t clear. All I mean is that I doubt he interviewed Christians who are serious students of the Bible.

    Evolution is a theory based on atheism. I know there are many “theistic evolution” theories out there, but at the heart of the mainstream evolutionary theory is atheism, which is not science. I should probably see the movie before I comment too much on it.

    I plan to visit the creation museum when we go visit the family for Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll laugh and a half.

    The Bible endorses slavery and bigotry? I guess it does from a certain perspective. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt and God delivered them from it, so maybe God endorses it as something to be set free from. God definitely hates the wicked, which I suppose is bigotry. What’s so bad about that?

    Take your time on that email. It looks like we will really be writing books as we interact!

    BTW, I really enjoy what you have to say on music. I wish I had more time to get into all the stuff you have here.

    Keep on postin’, postymcposterton.

  6. 12th Aug 08 (Tue) at 6:07 pm

    > Evolution is a theory based on atheism.

    No, it isn’t. Evolution is based on science, not atheism. Evolution may lead to atheism, but it doesn’t necessarily have to, and evolution (specifically the mechanics of the natural selection process) is very specifically science with no theological/philosophical slant whatsoever.

    > I plan to visit the creation museum when we go visit
    > the family for Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll laugh and a half.

    I wanna go see it, too. I just don’t want to give them my $20.

    > The Bible endorses slavery and bigotry?

    I wasn’t referring to the Israelites being slaves. I was referring to where god’s people themselves have slaves of their own (OT & NT). I don’t have time to chapter & verse it for you… but it’s there… many times…

    Re: bigotry, there are many many many instance of horrible treatment of other races, cultures, and sexes (i.e.- women are treated horribly in both the OT & NT).


  7. 12th Aug 08 (Tue) at 6:07 pm

    PS- I wish I were headin’ back to Ohio for Thanksgiving. It’d be good to see you and your (growing) family. :)

  8. Nathan Ketchen
    13th Aug 08 (Wed) at 2:20 pm

    I really miss you, Dan.

    We’d have quite a conversation in the car ride to the museum and back if we went together.

    I’m not going to keep this up. I made my point, if you would only see it.

    The due date for the next addition to the family is Sept. 3. I can’t wait!! It is amazing to have children around. You can check out the development of Abel on YouTube by the videos we’ve posted. Just type in his name or my name in the search field.


  9. 13th Aug 08 (Wed) at 8:05 pm

    Wow… #2. Fun stuff…

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