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REVIEW: Iron & Wine @ The Crystal Ballroom (Portland, OR – – 12/2/07)

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Well, the evening started with my wife finding a good parking space for us… not too far from dinner and the venue. Dinner was at the lovely Blossoming Lotus. I had the BBQ tempeh with black bean soup, ginger salad, and quinoa. My wife had the Indian bowl, which had loads of mango something-or-other on it. Pumpkin muffin and brownie parfait for dessert. Belt loosening for dessert as well. ;) Blossoming Lotus is right in downtown Portland (NW). They’re a yummy, reasonably priced, organic café, and they have a delightful cookbook as well (we bought one after our trip out here in Dec ’06).

Sam Beam is a hary man. <insert Chewbacca sound here>

While not having a good knowledge of I&W song names (outside of the obvious ones), this is gonna be a total “cheater review”… here’s a setlist from another show on this tour:

Lovesong of the Buzzard
Peace Beneath the City
Innocent Bones
On Your Wings
Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car
White Tooth Man *FAV*
House by the Sea
The Devil Never Sleeps
Boy With A Coin *FAV*
Sodom, South Georgia
Upward Over The Mountain
Jezebel *FAV*
Wolves (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog)
Resurrection Fern
The Sea And The Rhythm
Flightless Bird, American Mouth

History of Lovers

The PDX show was not too far off this one. Well, actually, we left at the song right before the encore (long drive ahead of us in the rain); so I can’t vouch at all for the encore selection. Cheater review, indeed.

Definitely a good show. The opener, Califone, was also enjoyable. I heard some of their selections on their MySpace page, and I wasn’t necessarily giddy. I’ll admit — I was busy that day; so I really didn’t give them a fair listen. Anyway, I really liked their more jammy, experimental elements.

Iron and Wine came on about 10:20 and played for a good hour and half… good mix of songs (as noted by the cheater setlist above). I loved Sam Beam’s whispy delivery, but oft-times the band got in the way of his vocals/guitar. I think it’d be good to see a more stripped down version of Iron & Wine, but this show was a treat as well.

Oh, if you want to hear a streaming concert… NPR has the Washington DC 9:30 Club show from earlier this year HERE. It’s also downloadable if you get their “NPR Live Concert” podcast.

Oh, the venue… weird set-up. Show was on the 3rd floor. The ballroom was split up with a big barrier segregating the drinkers from non-drinkers. There were odd paintings on the wall and pretty ugly plastic-looking chandeliers. Ugly… but they (Crystal Ballroom) definitely get some good artists coming through… heck, just this week: Iron & Wine, Cake, Tegan & Sara, Jon Butler Trio, The Shins.

~Dan – np: Doug Pinnick – Strum Sum Up

  1. cmajor7
    14th Oct 08 (Tue) at 6:21 pm

    Stumbled on your blog, begin from Portland myself. I agree that Iron & Wine are great, but I was disappointed with this show. If I remember right, my date and I left early. My main complaint (other than I&W being a sit-down show if there ever was one, and to hell with that happening at Crystal Ballroom) was that he set all of my favorite stuff to a full band. It just wasn’t the same.

    But I whine.


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