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ten after nine eleven :: imagine no religion

11th Sep 11 (Sun) 2 comments

Sorry if I offend.  Sorry if I lose readers.  Just some thoughts.

Ten years after 9/11/2001, I think it can best be summed up with John Lennon’s words as such…

While I think our world would be in a better place if there were no religion, religion is not evil.  With that being said, demanding one religion have preference over another or taking violent action against others due to something your ‘god’ told you is a corrupt worldview.  Tolerance of a person’s right to believe or not believe in religion or god is what we should strive for as a people.  Tolerance of acts of aggression in the name of a god or religion should not be considered acceptable behavior.  Retaliating against innocent people based on their religion, skin color, customs or culture is evil.

We will likely never find peace.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to look for it.

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