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Change I can get behind…

31st Jan 09 (Sat) 3 comments

The new 2009 quarter representing the District of Columbia has jazz great / composing legend Duke Ellington featured on it… this is change I can get behind:

I haven’t paid attention.  Of the state quarters, do any of them have people outside of presidents?  Looking here, it looks like the Duke Ellington quarter is the one with a person the most prominently featured (outside of the Helen Keller one for Alabama).  Anyway, it’s great to see a jazz great on our currency.  Jazz is one of the most truly American creations.

Oh, and unrelated, anyone go to the Album Leaf show last night in Portland at Rotture?  Was it good?  I wasn’t able to go, but I’m hoping Jimmy LaValle swings through again soon…

~Dan – np: Cyro BaptistaLove the Donkey

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