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Sigur Rós new album ‘Valtari’ (late May 2012)

26th Mar 12 (Mon) 1 comment

Updated with official notice, sample tune (Ekki Múkk) that you can buy/download & video trailer from Sigur Rós (below).

Update 4/4/12 with cover art done by Jónsi’s sisters, Lilja and Inga Birgisdóttir (incidentally, Inga was the baby on the band’s first album cover, Von.)

As reported by Q, 24bit and Paste, Sigur Rós’ new album is called Valtari and due out on May 28th (Europe) or May 29th, 2012 (US).  At first, this looked like an elaborate pre-April Fool’s Day joke to me, simply based on this call out quote.  I bounced an email off of Peter at 24Bit, and he seemed to have vetted it a bit.

Simply based on the fact that I know Sigur Rós was in the studio working on new material, I’ll give my skepticism kudos but I’ll also give this news the benefit of the doubt.  Here’s what was reported on 24bit

Following up a stunning solo LP and film score, Jónsi is back with the great Icelandic quartet Sigur Rós for a full-length successor to 2008′s Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. Due out on May 28th and titled Valtari, the 7-track effort features “more electronic stuff than before,” bassist Georg Hólm told Q Magazine (via). “But don’t worry,” he added, “we haven’t made a dance record.”

Aside from track titles, the release date, and a few non-specific adjectives (“beautiful,” “dreamy,” “introverted,” etc.), Hólm and Jónsi offered their own differing images of what to expect:

Hólm: “…this I’d compare to looking at an old landscape painting.”

 Birgisson: “…like an avalanche in slow motion.”

It sounds like — as with most of the Sigur Rós oeuvre — we’ll have another cinematic set left gloriously open to interpretation. While we wait, the pair shared these track titles for cuts recently mixed with co-producer Alex Somers below:

Valtari Tracklist

  • Ég Anda
  • Ekki Múkk
  • Varúð
  • Rembihnútur
  • Dauðalogn
  • Varðeldur
  • Valtari
  • Flogur Piaro (?)

No official word on the Sigur Rós news page, but I imagine it’ll be forthcoming soon if true.

Nevermind… it’s legit!

Pre-order featuring exclusive merchandise coming soon!

~Dan – np: Skeleton KeyGravity is the Enemy

Noctaluca’s final show

10th Jun 10 (Thu) Leave a comment

So, this came as a MySpace bulletin from Cincinnati rock outfit Noctaluca‘s profile last weekend, but hasn’t surfaced anywhere else… it’s sad news, and I hope it’s not true (but assume it is)…

Allow me to apologize for the last minute notice of Noctaluca’s last show, taking place TONIGHT at Play By Play Cafe in Cincinnati. I am personally not happy about this decision and I am VERY grateful for all of your love and support over the past 8 years. Rest assured, from the ashes of Noctaluca, a new project or projects shall emerge. The bar of songsmithery and sound quality has been raised by this band, and we will all take that with us wherever we go. There are unreleased tracks from the album we were working on floating around, so stay tuned for possible uploads, as well as new recordings by Jason, Aaron, Brandon, and Donovan. We could not have lasted this long without all of the encouraging words and love you all have given us. I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. So, once again, I apologize for the last minute update, and try your damndest to make it to Play By Play Cafe tonight. doesn’t have any info yet… but again, it seems legit.  I hope Jason Ludwig and the rest of the guys do something creative together in the future.  For the photoset from their last show, check out Pat Strang’s flickr set.

~Dan – np: IsisOceanic

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