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Jónsi and the volcano

14th May 10 (Fri) Leave a comment

Regardless of the travel havoc it caused, the Icelandic volcano is at least a wonderfully, gorgeous and immensely beautiful part of nature.  Here is some video footage of Eyjafjallajökull paired with the song “Kolniður” from Jónsi‘s solo album Go:

Video shot by Sean Stiegemeier on a Canon 5d mkII.  Jónsi is the lead singer from Sigur Rós and a musical ambassador out of Iceland.  It doesn’t strike me as odd that his music mirrors the beauty of his native landscape.

~Dan – np: AutorYnoPastrami Bagel Social Club

Buffalo vs. Lion vs. Crocodile vs. Buffalo

31st Jan 08 (Thu) Leave a comment

Nature is wild.

A small buffalo gets taken away by some lions. A group of crocodiles battle the lions for the buffalo. Then a herd of buffaloes come back and kick the lions’ ass.

Go here if’n you want a better quality/size video: Battle at Kruger

I don’t want to ruin it, but it all ends up well in the end… crazy stuff…

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