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REVIEW: MEDGE presents Karim Nagi @ WOW Hall (Eugene, OR – 4/30/10)

1st May 10 (Sat) 4 comments

The Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene (aka MEDGE) hosts monthly shows at Cozmic Pizza.  Great food, great music, and great dancing come to mind when I make my way over there the third Fridays of each month.  For a special International Dance Day celebration, they brought in Karim Nagi for special workshops and moved their event down the street to WOW Hall.

Karim Nagi is an Egyptian musician, composer, music arranger and DJ.  He specializes in traditional Arabic music but works in other musical mediums.  He has two CDs out under the artist moniker of Turbo Tabla.  He has also recorded music for Bellydance Superstars, Bellyqueen, and the Bellytwins, as well as mainstream artists like Alicia Keys, and The Urban Griot Project.

Sadly he didn’t pull out a traditional Indian tabla last night (apparently an Egypt table / darbuka is very similar to a dumbek).  Regardless, we were treated to a lot of wonderful dancing and drumming.  Here’s a pictorial review of last night’s show… Enjoy!

all pictures (cc) 2010 Daniel Temmesfeld & Margaret O’Brien,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution
(click for larger)

Karim Nagi (stick dance, traditional folkloric dance of Egypt)

Mem Aleph (troupe consisting of Candice Nelson, Barbie Griggs, Jeannie Anderson, Amanda Bounds, Marie Scott and Monica Trent) performing three folk dances: Syrtos from Greece; Hands Talk (a Jewish Yemenite dance); and Ma Nava (an Israeli dance)

Siobhan performing a Ghawazee-inspired dance choreographed by Hassan Khalil

Amani (choreography by Mahmoud Reda — Oriental piece with his signature balletic movements incorporated into Raks Sharqi)

Elena Villa (Arab Flamenco Fusion)

Caravan Dancers (Troupe consists of Deena, Zendra, Crystal and Erin performing a Folkloric Suite: Basket Dance, Turkish 9/8, Cane Dance, Tambourine Dance)

Sabine (Indian Sapera Dance of the Kalbeliya snake-charmers)

Karim Nagi – improvisational finger cymbal dance

>> << intermission >> <<

Jamara (dance performance to live drumming by Karim Nagi)

Devi Safir (dance performance to live drumming by Karim Nagi)

musical performance by Karim Nagi & Ishmael, a qanun player (stringed instrument from Egypt), followed by an audience participation debke, a traditional Arabic folk dance

Be sure to check out MEDGE on the web to find out about the monthly shows and upcoming special events & workshops

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