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Shark Remixes & Holy F’s Mia Remix

22nd Jan 09 (Thu) Leave a comment

Last fall, Asthmatic Kitty released My Brightest Diamond‘s Shark Remixes Volume 1 (by Alfred Brown).  It is a great remix EP… yet, the initial press release said something about a Vol 2 in Nov and Vol 3 in Dec.  Well, our Thanksgiving gift has now arrived…

Shark Remixes, Volume 2 is done by Son Lux.  It’s only $1.99 on iTunes for four songs… you can try out two of the tracks for free over at Asthmatic Kitty’s website (right click links below, “Save As”):

Our Christmas gift (i.e.- Volume 3)… well, maybe March?  Whenever it comes out, I’m sure it’ll be great…

EDIT / UPDATE (1/28/09): a 4th volume was just announced, and the four EPs are slated for a hardcopy release in the spring/summer.


And, in true blog fashion, as I’m writing one up I stumble on some other good news…

Canadian live electronic / post rock band of awesomeness, Holy Fuck, have done a remix of Mia‘s “Paper Planes.”  You can get a copy of the track over on Nialler9’s blog.

~Dan – np: AsvAFuturists Against the Ocean

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