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Drums are too noisy, you’ve got no corners to hide in.

21st Mar 08 (Fri) Leave a comment

Lagunitas Brewery’s Frank Zappa beer 3… is in my hands (and mouf)…

Behold, the Lumpy Gravy Ale… a tribute to the 40 year anniv of the album of the same name (sans “ale”)…

FZ beer 4 (We’re Only in it for the Money) comes out in June… at Frank’s level of output, this’ll be 2 specially crafted beer tributes a year. Huzzah!!

FZ beer 1 was Freak Out!, and 2 was Kill Ugly Radio (aka Absolutely Free). I snagged 1 back in 2006… I totally missed 2. I need to track that shiznit down.

~Dan – np: Swami Late Plate (Bobby Previte & Jamie Saft) – Doom Jazz

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