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Kim Taylor – Little Miracle

21st Dec 09 (Mon) 1 comment

Cincinnati artist Kim Taylor just put out her latest full length, Little Miracle (and I mean “just”).  It’s digital only at this time (but DRM free)… pick it up via her Nimbit store at

I’ll be picking it up tonight when I get home… and you know what this means?  My Top 25 for 2009 is not done (crap – I just finished it yesterday).  Eh, it just means my current #25 (U2‘s No Line on the Horizon) is very likely getting bumped.

Support indie music!  With Kim Taylor, you can’t go wrong!  Srsly.

~Dan – np: SF Jazz Collective2009 


new Kim Taylor… soon…

3rd Dec 09 (Thu) Leave a comment

Recently featured on The Ghost Whisperer (a “TV show,” or so say my sources)… Cincinnati singer-songwriter Kim Taylor popped the news on her website yesterday that her follow-up to 2006’s I Feel Like a Fading Light will be out in a few weeks.  It’ll be called Little Miracle, produced by Jimi Zhivago, and the first 100 downloaders will get “an added bonus.”

I’m hoping there’s also a physical release (or a repeat of the vinyl / different edition like she did for Fading Light).

~Dan – np: dredgThe Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion

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