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SETLIST: David Bazan @ Gutenberg College (Eugene, OR – 4/24/13)

25th Apr 13 (Thu) Leave a comment

David Bazan at Gutenberg College, EugeneDavid Bazan is off on another jaunt of a 40+ house concert tour.  Last night’s show at the McKenzie Study Center at Gutenberg College wasn’t technically a “house,” but it still had that living room feel.

He showed up a tad late, but after quickly setting up, he entertained a few questions and then kicked into his set…

Setlist: about 75 minutes

  • Q&A #1
  • Hot Girls [Headphones]
  • Fewer Broken Pieces
  • Big Trucks [Pedro the Lion]
  • Man In Me [Bob Dylan]
  • Q&A #2
  • “I write it down for what it’s worth” [new song, no title mentioned]
  • Hard To Be
  • Virginia
  • Shit Talker [Headphones]
  • Q&A #3
  • Wolves At The Door
  • Selling Advertising
  • Of Minor Prophets and Their Prostitute Wives [Pedro the Lion]
  • Q&A #4
  • The Fleecing [Pedro the Lion]
  • Cold Beer and Cigarettes
  • Q&A #5
  • Strange Negotiations
    No Encore

David Bazan at Gutenberg College, Eugene

Some Bazan-related news…

David Bazan and friends - Overseas1) His newest side-project Overseas is up for pre-order now.  If you pre-order it, you get a download of the full album immediately.  I got it a couple weeks ago, and I dig it.  Overseas is David Bazan, Will Johnson, Matt Kadane and Bubba Kadane…. and in the 2nd Q&A I asked if they were going to tour.  He said that they will likely do a limited set of dates: a few Texas dates, New York area dates, and then a limited West Coast run (LA, SF, Portland, Seattle).

2) On this tour, though he didn’t have them available last night, is a art print that comes with a download code for a Covers EP.  He didn’t have them last night, but noted that we could buy it online (soon) without shipping fees.  He should have them soon on some of the other dates on this tour.  He mentioned the Bob Dylan cover, Radiohead’s “Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box,” and a few others will be included.

The Appropriate Linkage:

This was his second date of this tour… check out more tour dates below (sorry, many are already sold out).

Next show for me… Infected Mushroom at McDonald Theater (4/25).

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Pet Bottle Ningen - Non-Recyclable

David Bazan – Spring 2013 House Show Tour

04/23/13 Tue – Portland OR – SOLD OUT
04/24/13 Wed – Eugene OR – SOLD OUT
04/25/13 Thu – Redding CA
04/26/13 Fri – Sacramento CA – SOLD OUT
04/27/13 Sat – San Francisco CA – SOLD OUT
04/28/13 Sun – Hollister CA
04/29/13 Mon – OFF
04/30/13 Tue – Los Angeles CA – SOLD OUT
05/01/13 Wed – Costa Mesa CA – SOLD OUT
05/02/13 Thu – Riverside CA – SOLD OUT
05/03/13 Fri – San Diego CA – SOLD OUT
05/04/13 Sat – Tucson AZ – SOLD OUT
05/05/13 Sun – Phoenix AZ – SOLD OUT
05/06/13 Mon – OFF
05/07/13 Tue – Graham TX
05/08/13 Wed – San Antonio TX – SOLD OUT
05/09/13 Thu – Houston TX – SOLD OUT
05/10/13 Fri – Baton Rouge LA
05/11/13 Sat – New Orleans LA – SOLD OUT
05/12/13 Sun – OFF
05/13/13 Mon – Orlando FL – SOLD OUT
05/14/13 Tue – Jacksonville FL – SOLD OUT
05/15/13 Wed – Augusta GA – SOLD OUT
05/16/13 Thu – Atlanta GA – SOLD OUT
05/17/13 Fri – Columbus GA
05/18/13 Sat – Birmingham AL – SOLD OUT
05/19/13 Sun – Memphis TN
05/20/13 Mon – OFF
05/21/13 Tue – St Louis MO – SOLD OUT
05/22/13 Wed – Kansas City MO – SOLD OUT
05/23/13 Thu – Tulsa OK – SOLD OUT
05/24/13 Fri – Oklahoma City OK – SOLD OUT
05/25/13 Sat – Lubbock TX
05/26/13 Sun – Los Alamos NM
05/27/13 Mon – Prescott AZ
05/28/13 Tue – Las Vegas NV
05/29/13 Wed – OFF
05/30/13 Thu – Davis CA
05/31/13 Fri – Chico CA – SOLD OUT
06/01/13 Sat – Phoenix OR (Medford)
06/02/13 Sun – Portland OR – SOLD OUT


REVIEW: David Bazan @ Sam Bond’s (Eugene, OR – 3/4/10)

5th Mar 10 (Fri) 7 comments


So, what is there to say about David Bazan that I haven’t already said?  Well, not much; so I’ll just recap.  In short, he’s a genuine song-writer, an honest thinker, a gentle soul, and a wonderful song-weaver.  Since moving to Eugene, I’ve had the opportunity to see him three times… now a fourth.  All in a shorter window of time compared to the rare opportunities when I saw him in Ohio.

The show last night was one of the first shows from his Winter/Spring Tour (and the first with opener Headlights).  For more tour dates, check out the list at the bottom.  At Sam Bond’s Garage, David Bazan isn’t on the same A-frame as a delicious quiche (click for picture from a recent gig), but he does share the venue with some mighty fine pizza and beer.

Headlights were really good.  They played about 45 minutes and had some good indie rock / pop songs with nice melodies.  They are a traditional four piece (guitar, keys, bass, drums) and swapped lead vocal duties around a bit.  Their sound at Sam Bond’s Garage last night was a little too loud, but that’s definitely not the band’s fault.  I think Sam Bond’s doesn’t seem to have the acoustics for rock bands (this issue spilled over into David’s set, too).  Anyway, Headlights = good.  Check ’em out!  Here’s the video for their song “Secrets“:

David went on with his band a little after 10pm.  His band this time around is Blake Wescott on guitar, Andy Fitts on bas, and Alex Wescoat on drums.  The set was filled with songs from his most recent solo album, Curse Your Branches, as well as older material – including a nice collection of Pedro the Lion and Headphones songs.  Outsider of the aforementioned curse that Sam Bond’s Garage has on rock bands’ sound, it was a highly enjoyable show.  The mix of tunes and passion with which David sings is fun to take in.

Setlist: about 75 minutes

  • I Do (Pedro the Lion)
  • Transcontinental (Pedro the Lion)
  • Man in Me
  • Please, Baby, Please
  • June 18, 1976 (Pedro the Lion)
  • Q&A #1
  • When We Fell
  • Magazine (Pedro the Lion)
  • How I Remember
  • When They Really Get To Know You, They Will Run (Pedro the Lion)
  • Q&A #2
  • Shit Talker (Headphones)
  • Harmless Sparks
  • Fewer Broken Pieces
  • Q&A #3
  • Bands With Managers (Pedro the Lion)
  • Bad Diary Days (Pedro the Lion)
  • Cold Beer and Cigarettes
  • I Never Wanted You (Headphones)
  • Penetration (Pedro the Lion)
  • In Stitches
  • No Encore

Personally, ending the show with “In Stitches” is perfect.  That song sunk in with me last fall, especially the last verse…

When Job asked you a question,
You responded, “Who are you
to challenge your creator?”
Well if that one part is true
It makes you sound defensive
Like you had not thought it through
Like you didn’t have an answer
Like you bit off more than you could chew

So, yeah, the well documented pivot from religious to questioner to agnostic suits Bazan’s songwriting especially well in my book.

more photos below

SO, if you haven’t gotten it already, go check out his new live in the studio recording from his Fall 2009 band tour.  Bazan: Live at Electric Audio is a great recording, and it’s out on CD, vinyl, or digital only (for insane people):

The Appropriate Linkage:

Check out more tour dates below.

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all pictures (cc) 2010 Daniel Temmesfeld,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

(click for larger)

Winter/Spring 2010 Tour Dates

  • 03/03/10 Wed – Salem OR – Ike Box
  • 03/04/10  Thu – Eugene OR – Sam Bond’s Garage
  • 03/05/10  Fri – Sacramento CA – Blue Lamp
  • 03/06/10  Sat – Visalia CA  – Cellar Door
  • 03/07/10  Sun – Santa Barbara CA – Soho
  • 03/08/10  Mon – Long Beach CA – Alex’s Bar
  • 03/09/10  Tue – Las Vegas NV – Beauty Bar
  • 03/10/10  Wed – Phoenix AZ – Sail Inn
  • 03/12/10  Fri – Norman OK – The Opolis
  • 03/13/10  Sat – Springfield MO – Gallery Sounds
  • 03/14/10  Sun – St Louis MO – Old Rock House
  • 03/15/10  Mon – Newport KY – Southgate House
  • 03/17/10  Wed – Nashville TN – Exit/In
  • 03/18/10  Thu – Asheville NC – Grey Eagle
  • 03/19/10  Fri – Columbia SC – New Brookland Tavern
  • 03/20/10  Sat – Richmond VA – Alley Katz
  • 03/21/10  Sun – Baltimore MD – The Ottobar
  • 03/22/10  Mon – Philadelphia PA – First Unitarian Church
  • 03/23/10  Tue – Brooklyn NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • 03/27/10  Sat – Grantham PA – Messiah College
  • 03/28/10  Sun – Columbus OH – The Summit
  • 03/29/10  Mon – Bloomington IN – The Bishop
  • 03/30/10  Tue – Grand Rapids MI – Calvin College
  • 04/01/10 Thu – Iowa City IA – The Mill
  • 04/02/10 Fri – Urbana IL – Canopy Club
  • 04/03/10  Sat – DeKalb IL – House Cafe
  • 04/04/10  Sun – Milwaukee WI – Pabst
  • 04/05/10  Mon – St. Paul MN – Turf Club
  • 04/06/10  Tue – Fargo ND – The Aquarium
  • 04/08/10  Thu – Missoula MT – The Palace
  • 04/09/10  Fri – Spokane WA – Empyrean
  • 04/10/10  Sat – Bellingham WA – Western Washington University

REVIEW: David Bazan Band @ Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR – 11/6/09)

7th Nov 09 (Sat) 5 comments


So, last night’s show could have been presented by “Keep Portland Beard.”  Every member of both bands sported beards (which, to be fair, had some dual members).  I think beards and indie rock are like eye shadow and goth.  Except at least the women of indie rock don’t have beards (not that I know of at least).

I drove by the venue around “doors” time… and the line was part way down the block.  Yikes.  As I parked my car and walked to the venue, I spotted David Bazan and some of his posse hanging out by the nearby burrito cart.  He was on his mobile; so I opted not to bug him.

After a delicious hummus plate washed down by a McTarnahan’s Amber, SAY HI started… I found my seat at the awesomely cozy Mississippi Studios.

Say Hi is a trio, and they played what I’d call “power pop indie rock.”  I mean, that’s my best explanation… very catchy, hooky – yet retaining that gristle and DIY charm of a touring group of guys.  While Say Hi didn’t have the one-two writing & vocal punch of Neil Gust & Elliott Smith’s Heatmiser, I think Heatmiser is my closest comparison to Say Hi.  Great pop songs in a rock setting, definitely enjoyable.  They played about 40 minutes and, unfortunately, it flew by.  But… they’re from Seattle; so they’re totally on my “auto notify” Pollstar radar now.

After a very short set break (5 minutes, maybe)… David Bazan (plus band) hit the stage…

The first time I saw David Bazan (December 2003 with Over the Rhine) was the only time I’ve seen him with a “band.”  Even that time, it was a stripped down Pedro the Lion set with just David and T.W. Walsh (drummer).  The singer of Say Hi joined David on guitar, the Say Hi bassist traded bass duties for guitar / keyboards / percussion.  Blake Wescott joined on guitar, there was a new drummer, and David took care of bass (and guitar during the encore).

The set was a heavy David Bazan “solo albums” set, as expected.  I’ve really been digging his latest album, Curse Your Branches; so I picked it up on vinyl last night.  Most of the set was CYB stuff and Fewer Moving Parts material.  He did throw in a few expected Pedro the Lions and Headphones songs as well…

Setlist: about 90 minutes

  • Hard To Be
  • Please, Baby, Please
  • I Do (Pedro the Lion tune)
  • Bless This Mess
  • Q&A #1
  • I Never Wanted You (Headphones tune)
  • Magazine (Pedro the Lion tune)
  • Heavy Breath
  • Q&A #2
  • Cold Beer And Cigarettes
  • When We Fell
  • Lost My Shape
  • Curse Your Branches
  • Q&A #3
  • Fewer Broken Pieces (aka Fewer Moving Parts)
  • Bearing Witness
  • Q&A #4
  • Keep Swinging (Pedro the Lion tune)
  • How I Remember
  • In Stitches
  • Encore (David solo): Priests and Paramedics (Pedro the Lion tune)
  • Will You Still Love Me In December (Julie Doiran cover)
  • Q&A #5
  • Harmless Sparks

Best David Bazan line of the night… “Infants are necessary, but they’re kinda bullshit.”

I loved David with a band.  I think the highlight of the night for me, though, was Say Hi.  I usually don’t expect to like an opener, and I like being pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t have enough coin to get some Say Hi music last night, but I plan to in the near future.

Another highlight… David’s Q&A sessions are also usually a fun aspect of his shows – it really makes a Bazan show more personal and intimate.  Most of the questions surrounded his recent “coming out” as an atheist-leaning agnostic after many years in the Christian indie rock scene.  I always loved his candor and questioning of things in religion, even when he considered himself to be a Christian and I had moved out of that camp.  I, honestly, don’t think his lyrical themes changed all that much.  His Q&A answers last night were more along the lines around around tolerance, regardless of religious beliefs or non-beliefs.  Personally, I’m glad to have him in the more doubtful camp.  However, above that, I’m glad that he’s not trying to be divisive with things like faith and his “falling from faith.”  We should move towards being different than the prior generations who don’t know tolerance.

The Appropriate Linkage:

Check out more tour dates below.

~Dan – np: Lowell Brams, Sufjan Stevens & Bryce DessnerLibrary Catalog Music Series: Music for Insomnia
Lowell Brams, Sufjan Stevens & Bryce Dessner - Library Catalog Music Series: Music for Insomnia

all pictures (cc) 2009 Daniel Temmesfeld,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

(click for larger)

Recent/Upcoming Tour Dates

  • 10/01 – San Francisco CA – Independent
  • 10/02 – Costa Mesa CA – Detroit Bar
  • 10/03 – San Diego CA – Casbah
  • 10/04 – Los Angeles CA – Troubadour
  • 10/05 – Tucson AZ – Solar Culture
  • 10/07 – Austin TX – Mohawk
  • 10/08 – Denton TX – Dan’s Silverleaf
  • 10/09 – Memphis TN – Hi-Tone Café
  • 10/10 – Murray KY – Lovett Auditorium / Murray State
  • 10/11 – Birmingham AL – Bottletree
  • 10/13 – Orlando FL – The Social
  • 10/14 – Atlanta GA – Drunken Unicorn
  • 10/15 – Chapel Hill NC – Cat’s Cradle
  • 10/16 – Washington DC – Black Cat
  • 10/17 – Philadelphia PA – Kung Fu Necktie
  • 10/18 – New York NY – Bowery Ballroom
  • 10/20 – Cambridge MA – TT the Bear’s +
  • 10/21 – Montreal QC – Il Motore
  • 10/22 – Toronto ON – Lee’s Palace
  • 10/23 – Pontiac MI – Pike Room
  • 10/24 – Chicago IL – TBA
  • 10/25 – Champaign IL – Highdive
  • 10/27 – Madison WI High – Noon Saloon
  • 10/28 – Minneapolis MN – Turf Club
  • 10/29 – Iowa City IA – The Picador
  • 10/30 – Lawrence KS – Jackpot Saloon
  • 10/31 – Omaha NE – Slowdown
  • 11/01 – Denver CO – Hi Dive
  • 11/02 – Salt Lake City UT – Kilby Court
  • 11/05 – Vancouver BC – Media Club
  • 11/06 – Portland OR – Mississippi Studios
  • 11/07 – Seattle WA – Neumos
    House Shows
  • 12/9 – Detroit, MI – 8pm – tickets available on
  • 12/10 – Cleveland, OH – 8pm – tickets available
  • 12/11 – Columbus, OH – 8pm – SOLD OUT
  • 12/12 – Indianapolis, IN – 5pm – tickets available
  • 12/12 – Indianapolis, IN – 8pm – SOLD OUT
  • 12/13 – New Haven, IN – 5pm – tickets available
  • 12/13 – Ft. Wayne, IN – 8pm – SOLD OUT
  • 12/14 – Goshen, IN – 8pm – SOLD OUT
  • 12/15 – Lansing, MI – 8pm – tickets available

REVIEW: David Bazan [Pedro the Lion] @ Indigo District (Eugene, OR – – 12/13/07)

14th Dec 07 (Fri) 5 comments

Ah… the out-of-place statues, randomly sticky floors, quite decent beer selection and open room with a stage right by the kitchen makes the Indigo District a perplexing place. It’s got great things, weird things, bad things, and ambivalence on top of great music. I’d only been here once before, and that was for the 25th anniversary shindig for Eugene Weekly to which my wife’s boss invited us. First time for a concert… I’m sure it won’t be the last if they get artists like David Bazan coming through more often. But it is an odd place… I just can’t put my finger on why. Eh… it’s gotta be the statues.

I showed up at 8:15 or so. I thought I was going to be late (ie- halfway into the opener’s set). Apparently the artists were late getting out of San Francisco from the night before; so they weren’t on schedule. I had a pint of Deschutes’ Black Butte Porter (sidenote: “butte” is pronounced like the beginning of “beautiful”). It’s fantastic, and it travelled only 2 hours away from Bend, Oregon to get to my mouf. Anyway, as I was sipping my beer, I hear a familiar voice… it was David Bazan ordering a pitcher of Blue Moon for he and his tour mates. The bartender was doing too many things at once and started pouring a pitcher of Blue Moon, then stopped, did something else, then started filling the rest of the pitcher with Pabst Blue Ribbon. Oy! Luckily David and Co. didn’t end up with that concoction. Blech.

Before the music started, I ran into David again in the facilities. After handwashing pleasantries, I asked him if he came through Eugene often, as I just moved here from Cincinnati. To which he said that he liked to stop by here, but it was the first time at this venue. Then we had a small exchange about the Southgate House (a quaint indie rock venue in the Cincinnati area).

By this time, the opener J.Tillman was playing. He played about 45 minutes. He was quite pleasant. His voice was what I’d call smooth, yet right on the edge of raspy… but not raspy. I don’t know. I was trying to characterize it last night, but just couldn’t. I enjoyed his set… check him out on MySpace sometime…

Next up came David Bazan… who has also recorded under the monikers of Pedro the Lion (indie rock) and Headphones (electronic). Perhaps his music can be described as indie rock or electric-fuzzy singer-songwriter fare. I dig him mainly for his poignant lyrics. His lyrics are witty, against the grain, many times religious in a somewhat skeptic slant, and usually full of sarcasm or what people want to say but never do. I also love David’s down-to-earth persona. His banter via the “Q&A” breaks in the set really connect the audience to the performance… and the answers are usually funny.

He only played about an hour, as the venue had a time limit (they had dance time after the show) and David and J got off to a later start than planned. It was just David, an electric guitar and a microphone. Oh, and an amp.

Here’s the setlist:

Weeds in the Wheat [new]
Cigarettes and Beer
When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run
(No Name) per David [new]
Please Baby Please [new]
Of Minor Prophets and Their Prostitute Wives
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (with add’l Bazan lyrics)
Harmless Sparks / Fewer Moving Parts
Foregone Conclusions
Curse Your Branches [new]
(something with “look the other way” in the lyrics) I didn’t recka’nize it
Hallelujah [L.Cohen]

Great show. Short, but good nonetheless. I’m glad he still plays “Foregone Conclusions.” The 2nd verse has some of my favorite lyrics of his ever.

If’n y’all want to hear some music from this tour… the show in Asheville-NC is posted here for free download >> <<

Well, that’s all for now…

~Dan – np: Rob Price QuartetI Really Do Not See the Signal

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