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Tegan, Sara & Alligator Remixes

19th Mar 10 (Fri) 1 comment

So, Tegan & Sara are releasing a remix album on March 30 (digitally) for their song “Alligator“… video below for the T&S official music video.

The lead-off track is by one of my favorite bands, Holy Fuck.  Passion Pit, Doveman, and Four Tet should also prove to be interesting…

1.Alligator (Holy Fuck remix)
2.Alligator (Passion Pit remix – 80s Mixtape Jam Flex Edit)
3.Alligator (Toro y Moi remix)
4.Alligator (Vhs or Beta remix)
5.Alligator (Doveman remix)
6.Alligator (Four Tet remix)
7.Alligator (Murge remix)
8. Alligator (Ra Ra Riot remix)
9.Alligator (Automatic Panic remix)
10.Alligator (Hi-Deaf remix)
11.Alligator (Dave Sitek remix)
12.Alligator (Sara’s Original Demo Version)

Bonus Club Tracks
13.Alligator (Morgan Page remix)
14.Alligator (Kevin St. Croix remix)
15.Alligator (Mad Decent remix)
16.Alligator (Josh Harris remix)
17.Alligator (Hamel remix)

~Dan – np: IsisIn the Absence of Truth

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