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13th Dec 07 (Thu) Leave a comment

Elsiane… she’s like Björk meets Portishead meets the Cranberries… ie- quirky electronic-fused pop with lush vocals, a trip-hop feel and tempo, and a unique vocal delivery.  And the fact that Elsiane has dredg as a “Top 8” puts her in good place in my musical interests, per se.  Check out this Montreal artiste…

This next artist is somewhat of a “parody” or “tribute” band of a fairly unknown artist… but it’s a fairly unknown artist that I love

Secret Chefs 3 is a “tribute” band of Secret Chiefs 3.  Anyway… the original (Chiefs) is a Mr Bungle spin-off band that does middle-eastern style metal mixed with surf music and dance beats on occasion.  I love the Secret Chiefs 3 (led by mastermind Trey Spruance).  The Chefs (no “i”) do a middle eastern, surf, metal mix of their own original tunes on instruments made from found objects… whether it be shovels, oars, or kitchen utensils.  It’s a fun, original take on it all.  And they’re only a “tribute” band in influence, not in actual songs.  The Chefs material is comprised of all original compositions.

That is all… for now…

~Dan – np: Richard DawkinsThe Root of All Evil? (BBC documentary)

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