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KLCC Brewfest 2010

13th Feb 10 (Sat) Leave a comment

Tonight I went to the 2010 KLCC Bewfest in Eugene, Oregon.  I volunteer poured, too.  Had a great time…

I shant go into the detail I did last year… I’m tired.  The best drinks, in my opinion… Oakshire Overcast (espresso stout), the Maui Brewing Coconut Porter, and the Crispin Cider.

It’s all done for the year… but check back at for next year’s in early/mid-February 2011.

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I had beers…

8th Feb 09 (Sun) 5 comments

The last two nights (Feb 6 & 7, 2009) was local Eugene NPR station KLCC’s microbrew festival.  I went last night.  My wife dropped me off at the fairgrounds after a nice Indian meal (and then picked me up afterwards… she rocks).  It was $15 to get in, which included a commemorative (4 oz?) glass and two drink tickets.  Additional drinks were $1; so I did the “express admission” which included 12 drinks for $25 total (no price break, but I didn’t have to go back to the drink ticket line).

There were 51 booths with at least 2 beers a piece on tap… so, 12 beers didn’t scratch the surface of all that was offered, but it did pretty good damage.  I generally stay away from IPAs, and I like stouts, porters, wheats… Anyway, here’s what I had (not in any particular order… outside of the order they are in the KLCC program):

  • 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat (San Francisco) – this beer was delightful, very subtle watermelon flavor… I love wheat beers in general, and this one would be fantastic in the summer…
  • Ace CiderThe Joker Hard Cider (Sebastopol, CA) – high alcohol content, and kind of weak flavors, in my opinion… this one didn’t get past the initial sip.  Ace’s pear cider is very good, though.
  • Green MountainWoodchuck Amber Draft Cider (Middlebury, VT) – a classic for me.  I was drinking Woodchuck before I liked beer.  The guy at the booth was shocked that I had it before, as it’s new to the Oregon territory.
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB)Survival Seven Grain Stout (Portland, OR) – while its name doesn’t suggest, it’s got coffee in it as well.  not as strong as (a fave) Oakshire Overcast, it was still very delightful.  a friend from work was volunteer pouring this one, too… so it was nice chat amongst the beer fiends.
  • LaurelwoodVanilla Porter (Portland, OR) – nice and delicate.  I think by the time of the evening when I had this, I was looking for more vanilla, but it was still very nice
  • NinkasiOatis Oatmeal Stout (Eugene, OR) – a local favorite of mine… excellent, and it compares well with one of my favorite beers – Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout.
  • North CoastBrother Thelonius Belgian Ale (Fort Bragg, CA) – Named after the jazz piano great, I had had a bottle of this before.  It’s good, but you have to be in the right mood… it’s something like 9% alcohol and kicks your butt.  I couldn’t drink my whole sample glass… too strong…
  • OakshireOvercast Espresso Stout (Eugene, OR) – my 2nd fave of the night right behind Young’s DCS.  I get this beer a lot at restaurants around town.  It’s a gem of Eugene, if you ask me.
  • PyramidApricot Ale (Portland, OR) – I’d seen this in stores before, but never tried it.  Last night was the perfect time… much more fruit flavor than the watermelon ale (but not as much as Woodchuck).  Very good… I don’t think I could do a whole 6-pack of this, but it was definitely tasty.
  • Rogue AlesChocolate Stout (Newport, OR) – oh, how I wish when Rogue was looking for filling their Controller position they would have allowed me to work from Eugene (rather than move to Newport on the coast).  They make great beers, and their chocolate stout is no exception.  Like Young’s, Rogue’s chocolate stout is actually made with real chocolate in the batch (some are just called that from the dark color and chocolate maltiness).
  • Roots OrganicChocolate Habañero Stout (Portland, OR) – I had already had my fill of espresso and/or chocolate stouts, but the habañero had me at “hello.”  It was a very nice beer with a little spice on the front and much more spice on the back end.  I really liked it.  Very similar to the Lagunitas Frank Zappa beer I posted about the other day.
  • Young’sDouble Chocolate Stout (London, England) – so smooth, creamy & delicious… you get the rolling, settling effect when it comes out of the tap into the glass.  mmm…

I will say that I didn’t drink all 4 oz of all of the above beers.  Some of them got a sip/gulp and then dumped the rest (mainly because I didn’t want to be totally trashed).  Of all of the local (fantastic) beers, my favorite was the Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (from England).  It’s always been a favorite of mine, and while the local beers gave it a run for its money, once it touched my lips, I knew it still had my heart.

Two beer posts in a row… yeah, probably a new record

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